Those Pesky Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

I am telling you, friends, if you should happen to hit a winner on one of those Lottery scratch off tickets — and there are a lot of those tickets that offer the opportunity to strike a million dollar win — and if you should happen to win a million on one of them. it is not worthwhile to even go and claim the prize because after they collect taxes on your winnings all you are going to end up with is a paltry Four Hundred, Thirty-Nine Thousand Dollars ($439,000.00).

And if you come home with a check for that amount, it won’t be long before your friends and family will have you broke again.

Not worth the time and trouble if you ask me.

Now if you are lucky enough to win a Billion dollars, then that is a different story altogether.  In that case, I would make effort to secure my winnings. But for a paltry million?  No way!

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