31 August 2022

Awoke early to a breakfast of biscuits, hot milk gravy and sausage patties.

Took shower …. decided to order some new bath towels … I am looking for the plushest that can be found … I like a towel that actually dries the person … they are few and far between ….they can be found in luxury hotels…. and, hopefully, on Amazon.

Accompanied friend and chauffeur of 22 years to the automobile refinishing shop to have the limo covered with their patented “Diamond Glaze” process … this is a process that affixes a coat of very tough, very glossy, very hard when it dries substance that makes a vehicle look as new as the day it was first purchased.

The specialists at this shop also cleaned and sanitized the interior of the vehicle and added a special coating to the windshield that deflects rain.

The engine was also cleaned and some anti rust compound applied to the under carriage.

While this was going on, we walked to a nearby shopping mall to browse the shops and we finally ended up at the “Bonefish Grill” which is a rather upscale establishment where the food is actually “Prepared and Presented” in portion and array such as might have been accomplished by a skillful chef.

We had the Codfish fillets, breaded and deep-fried with some french fried potatoes.  The restaurant provided us with a complimentary loaf of in-house-baked bread with a dipping oil that consisted of basil, olive oil, a little fragrant vinegar and a hint of sea salt.  It was magnificent.

The “Fish and Chips” was presented on a table with a linen cloth, on fine bone china, near a flickering candle lamp arranged on the plate in gourmet fashion. The fish and potatoes were also on top of traditional butchers paper in the style of the fish and chips one gets in The United Kingdom, and there was a wedge of fresh lemon on the plate along with some in-house-prepared tartar sauce that was to die for.

Following the meal, we sauntered over to a nice specialty shop where I purchased Four crystal drinking glasses.  The glasses were stemware and were done in the fashion of a replication of the kind of glass that might have graced tables at Versailles in France during the reign of kings. These goblets hold 8 ounces and can be used for almost anything ….anything from liquid repasts to ice cream sundaes …etc.  I fell instantly in love with them.  I think they were $29.99 each and well worth it for the touch of elegance it will add to our table at home.

That was about the extent of my travels for the day.

2 thoughts on “31 August 2022

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your fish and chips, John. It sounds like a more elegant experience than you would get in a Fish and Chip shop in England.
    A tip for your towels. Do not add any fabric softener when you wash the towels. They will dry feeling ‘rough’, and that makes them much more absorbent when you use them after a shower or bath.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. My late father was a big fan of ‘Bonefish’…..biscuits and gravy sounds wonderful…..shopping for me these days is Amazon….I hate being in public……have a great day John chuq

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