September 1, 2022

Started the nice, cool morning with a four-mile power walk in my Reebok Ridge Rider sneakers and returned home to a breakfast of three pork sausage patties and a banana with hot coffee.

The day was so pleasant that I spent most of the morning, after the walk, napping my huge bed with some of my stuffed toy animals, just like a child … I love a big semi-firm mattress with three or four queen-size pillows …. a fan constantly running all year around regardless of the outside temperature.  I love the white noise sound the fan provides.  It helps me to sleep and I dearly love air circulating throughout my oversize bedroom.

Lately I have taken to wearing a sleeping mask because it gives me the impression of total darkness and since I have been wearing the mask, the quality of my sleep has improved spectacularly.

Was awakened from my nap by the odor of delicious sirloin steak grilling way out in the kitchen.  The cook, like myself, grills a mean steak — about one inch thick, tenderized with a Jaccard device — about a thousand minute holes punched all over the meat … seasoned with nothing but sea salt, ground peppercorns and garlic powder…. crisply seared on the outside and medium on the inside … an internal temperature of 145-155 degrees Fahrenheit —- slightly pink in the middle served with a sauce as a side dish.  The sauce is something the chef makes with beef broth, saffron, flour and truffles … to die for.

For our steaks we use bone in, well-marbeled Prime Grade sirloin because leaving the bone in does something to enhance the flavor.  We leave the fat on the steak too and the cook sears the fat in a special set of maneuvers where he holds the meat in tongs sidewise over intense flame, making the fat slightly crisp and ever so flavorful.

The truffle gravy/sauce works well for both the steak and the mashed potatoes that go along with it.

We make our mashed potatoes a little differently around here than a lot of people do.  We cut up four pounds of non-waxy potatoes and boil them for about 20 minutes until they are tender (A thrust with a fork into one of the bite-sized pieces causes it to more or less fall apart) and then we add a whole pound of real melted dairy butter, a dash of heavy cream and a pinch of sea salt and whip them mercilessly with a hand-held electric mixer until velvety smooth.  It might sound like a lot of butter but believe me, the taste is out of this world.  People who dine with us always compliment our mashed potatoes.

Played 5 lottery scratch off tickets — paid Fifty dollars for all 5 of them and won a total of Eighty dollars after scratching them all off.  A profit of Thirty dollars today.

I love playing the lottery but do not ask me why because I do not really need to.  I think it is just something to take the edge off a day or to relax when feeling bored.

I buy my scratch-off tickets from a machine that vends them.  Once in a while, when I am feeling “Froggy,” I will purchase one or two of every ticket displayed in the machine.  That usually costs about Two Hundred dollars or so (More when I buy two of each ticket)  and usually ends up with me winning anywhere from Three to Four hundred dollars net from the adventure.  It doesn’t always turn out that way … but it does most of the time … sometimes I lose my rear end when doing that … but there is always plenty more where this came from.

After having lunch and scratching off the lottery tickets, we went to our friend, Dale’s, house to visit and we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on his front porch just chatting away and having a splendid visit.

And that about covers my activities for this day…. so how did it go with you?

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  1. Sounds like a relaxing day…..mine was the same as almost everyday…reading, writing and ranting….I had HB steak with fresh creamed corn and butter beans with garlic bread……all good. chuq

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