Should I Publish In BOLD Text Or REGULAR?

Please help me out here, friends:

I have been fighting with myself for years now about whether I should be publishing my blog posts here on Liming’s Links in bold or regular text.

Here is an example of Bold type —– My Mother’s Goose Had Feathers Galore,
                                                                     Once the goose was cooked,
                                                                     It had feathers no more.

Here is an example of regular type”     Here is the example of regular text that
I promised you …
Now please tell me what to do …
Won’t you?

Thanks for your input.  The majority vote will win.



9 thoughts on “Should I Publish In BOLD Text Or REGULAR?

  1. Dear John,

    Hello! This should not be a matter for the majority to decide, because there has been a convention all along that bold type is usually reserved for emphasis, indicating that such a content has strong importance, seriousness or urgency (such as warnings). This could be word(s) or sentence(s) of great importance to the whole page, or that some word(s) or sentence(s) are of greater importance compared to nearby content.

    Yours sincerely,

    • The problem that I am trying to address is the horrible light gray text that always appears on this website. The only reason I am considering bold is because it is blacker and should be easier for people to read. I cannot understand why a computer cannot render text in black instead of a washed out gray color. But it seems to be the case.

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