September 2, 2022

Started the day with a breakfast of oatmeal and sausage with black coffee on the side.

Did nothing notable until lunch time.  At lunchtime my friend and I went to the local fish restaurant for some of their version of deep-fried Cod fish and french fried potatoes on the side.  I am kind of addicted to fish and chips.  Must be because my ancestors arrived in The United States from Dover, England on the good ship, “Merchant News” in the late 1400s.  They settled in Pennsylvania for a period of time before making their way farther inland.

After lunch, my friend and I toured the grounds to inspect all our floral hanging baskets.  Some of them have died now.  I guess Summer is coming to an end.

At about 2:45 in the afternoon, the Amazon truck stopped by to drop off 5 new pairs of blue-light-filter reading glasses.  My computer screen has a blue light filter and now my reading glasses have them too.  Double protection is what I thought until I studied the blue light issue and found out that no filter is needed because it has been proven that blue light from a computer is not the eye-destroying monstrosity it was once thought to be.  That is the story that I have heard anyway … true or not … doesn’t matter…. I like the new reading glasses.

Took my ordinary daily nap in the afternoon … I take a nap every day at about the same time …It seems to soothe my nerves .  I am a glutton for personal comforts.

Took a short trip to the grocery store to purchase some more sausage and some cereal …. and some blueberry infused yogurt … and, of course, my addictive lottery scratch off ticket.  I won Twenty Five dollars on the ticket, which had cost me only Ten dollars.

Bought a bunch more refill blade cartridges for my “Harry’s” brand throw away shaving razor.  I like to keep a year’s supply of everything on hand at all times. I use throw away razors because I cannot stand the feel of hot towels on my face or the buzzing of an electric razor.  I must have bought and disposed of at least a dozen or more electric shavers in my life … always trying to find one i like … never being able to find one that I like.

I see Trump is still bitching and complaining about the FBI and the Department of Justice messing with him over those classified documents he allegedly took home with him after he was done playing president.  I heard that he told somebody that having those documents in possession was no worse than somebody having an overdue library book.  I am beginning to worry about poor old Mr. Trump.  I think he has been saying some kind of strange things lately.  But then, what do I know?

I do like to read his rants on his “Truth Social” website.  I have had a disturbing thought a few times lately, “What if, in the end, it proves to be true that the former president really is above the law?




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  1. Trump is going to bitch no matter what the subject is…..I use the same shaver I have used for 50 years….made by Guilette and uses the double edge razors…..chuq

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