Trump Rally, Pennsylvania, Sept. 3, 2022

This was Trump’s first rally since the FBI raided his Mar a Lago home looking for classified materials the president allegedly had stored there.

During his rally speech, the former president trashed the Department of Justice and the FBI calling them “Monsters” and reminding the world that the two iconic agencies are enemies of the state.

Trump loves to throw around the accusation, “Enemies of the state” to describe almost everybody who opposes him.  That reminds me of the old tactics of the Soviet Union back in the 1940s and 50s.

Trump accused Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman of taking drugs … with no evidence, of course.  I have always believed that the reason a lot of modern Republicans (Especially in the MAGA crowd) are so fucked up now because they must have been taking something for a long time now.  In my opinion, the MAGATS who seem to worship Trump appear to act like brainwashed zombies.  So they must have taken something somewhere along the line.  Of course, that is my opinion.  I could never prove it.  But it does seem awfully suspicious to me.

“The FBI is trying to destroy our country” is another accusation that Trump seemed to enjoy  throwing around during the rally on September 3.  I think what the former president should have said is that the FBI is trying to destroy MAGA’s plans to destroy democracy in our country.  That’s what I think he should have said.  I believe the man has gone delusional.

Responding to a speech recently made by legitimate President Biden in which the current and legitimate president called MAGA a threat to the security of our nation, Trump once again referred to Biden as the real enemy of the state.  I believe this is an indication of how the MAGATS like to take the very unsavory things they say, think and do and project all those things onto their competition.  They seem to me to love to invert the truth, calling white black and black white to make themselves look like the saviors of the world and to make the democrats into demons from hell.

At one point in Trump’s tirade, he mentioned the reddish background used for one of President Biden’s speeches, calling it something akin to satanic and in the same sentence intimated that President Biden reminded him of the devil himself.  I thought that was a good example of the pot calling the kettle black.

Trump spared no words of praise for the insurrectionists who invaded the Capitol during the January 6th calamity, and even verbally defended one of the insurrectionists who had allegedly been a Hitler sympathizer.

As I was watching this speech by Trump at his Pennsylvania rally, the thought came to me, “I am looking at a man who defends insurrectionists, defends the idea of using violence as a political tool, defends people identified as sympathetic to Adolph Hitler, calls the American Law Enforcement agencies “Enemies of the state” for doing their jobs, refers to half the voters of the country (Democrats) as “Evil”, hates the mail-in-ballot system, approves of efforts by anti-Americans to change the way American’s cast their ballots in elections, demonizes people seeking asylum in the United States — people who come here to escape violence and poverty in their own countries, has been reported to have sympathies toward the ideas of destroying social security, medicare, medicaid and other social safety net programs, a man who has publicly praised despotic authoritarian leaders in other nations where oppression superseded any idea of democracy …. and the list goes on and on … and it seems like at least a third of American voters are brainwashed to the point where they hang on his every word as if it were Gospel from the Mouth of God Himself… It is disgusting to me … it is frightening to me … that such a man could gain such a hold over so many people and cause them to follow every idea he proposes and spread his doctrines as far and wide as they can be spread.

I have spoken to some MAGATS in my journeys and they are always dead set on the idea that everything they believe about Trumpism is absolutely true and I could never get one of them to agree to investigate other angles and other opinions … so far the ones that I have talked to reject all things Liberal or democrat totally and completely but when pressed, they can never come up with a reasonable explanation of why they are so hard headedly devoted to Trump and his crowd and are never willing to even consider something else other than what Trump has said.

I believe that the MAGATS believe they are the only real Americans and that everybody else has no place at all in The United States, not now and not in the future either.




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  1. Your summation of what Trump defends is so spot on…..and where did the documents go that were in the empty folders? Just wondering chuq

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