Vociferation For A Saturday

Experimenting today … trying something new for breakfast ….. hoping to keep hunger pangs at bay for a longer period of time …. in hopes of shedding a pound or two … which seems to be an endless and losing battle for me.

With the above possible madness in hand, I had a breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast that totaled 826 calories …. which is about triple what I usually eat for the first meal of the day.  My hope is that the morning overload will stall the desire to eat for a longer period of time …. since I have no will power whatsoever … except in the realm of money accumulation …. an area where I shine.

Did I mention that this is an overshare?

But wait! That is not all that is going on with me right now.

I was figuring out my expenses for playing lottery games today and I discovered, after some furious mathmaticafications that if I spend $1,440.00 (Fourteen Hundred dollars) per year on purchasing Thirty dollars worth of lottery tickets per week, I will have exhausted my entire disposable income in about Two Thousand years.  My question now is, “Is it worth the frustration?”

Today I began using the font, Allegreya Sans because it is designed to make reading longer passages of on-screen material easier to read.  I hope they know what they are talking about.  I also changed the title font to Abril Faf Face because it more accurately defines my own ponderous ass.

It is raining outside of here today …. some wind …. some dark clouds … some thunder and lightning  … Just the kind of weather that make a person want to sequester near a comfortable bed for the day ….but that is not the shower that I started out to talk about here.

I wanted to talk about the “Daily” shower that most civilized human beings have come to do as a daily ritual.

My dermatologist once said that people should never wash any part of their body that is not dirty and that most people take too many showers and endanger the health of their skin by washing the “Positive Health” factor off ……I am glad that I am not Gay because if I were gay and I had a lover like that dermatologist, I wo uld probably be inclined to keep far away from him most of the time …. and that would not makes for a good relationship … I like clean skin … I like the smell of myself and of others who have the daily shower habit ….I have showered daily for more than 70 years now and I haven’t melted yet …. I am firmly convinced that every living human being absolutely needs a thorough daily ass degreasing under a shower or in a tub filled with comforting water.  Call me eccentric if you want to, but that is the way it is.



2 thoughts on “Vociferation For A Saturday

  1. I cannot imagine not having a bath every day. (I prefer baths to showers, but will use the shower at times) As far as I am concerned, there is only ‘bad stuff’ to wash off. However, he could be correct, as we do wash away many good oils that the skin needs to stay supple. But we can replace those with skin-nourishing shower gels, and other moisturising creams.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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