Radio and Television Program Hosts Are Not Always As Smart As You Might Think

The radio is blaring your favorite hosted commentary program when you hear the sweet little female (Or male) voice of the program host ask a guest on the program, “What do you think about ….” or “Give me an idea of how you believe ….” and then the guest responds with his or her answer.

If you listen to this kind of stuff often enough, you might get the idea that the somewhat high-pitched nasal-voiced program host — the one who is asking the questions — might be intelligent beyond comprehension.  I mean, after all, doesn’t that program host cover an entire encyclopedia of varied topics throughout a week’s time?  They sound like they already know everything and that they are authorities on any topic one might think of.

After listening to this kind of stuff for a while, it is easy to come to the conclusion that some of these program hosts are smart assed and arrogant and that is the point at which listening to this stuff on a daily basis starts to become an irritant to me.

The fact is that not every radio or TV program host knows what they are talking about when they ask those questions of their guests.  In fact, a lot of the time, those authoritative question askers don’t have the slightest hint of what they are talking about ….It is not their job to actually “Know” anything … It is their job to ask the questions by reading off notes or a teleprompter and make it sound to the audience like they know what they are talking about.

It is the guest who is being asked the questions who has to be good at “Winging” his or her answers in such a manner as to give credibility to their personal bias or agenda.

But I am certain in my own mind that there are more times than not when the guest is reading off a teleprompter too … reading off a teleprompter to answer the program host’s teleprompted questions with teleprompted answers written for him or her by whichever person or group of persons who desire to control the conversation and get their message out to the broadcaster’s audience.

So don’t let this kind of back and forth on the air bother you too much.  Just realize that what you are watching and hearing is not necessarily spontaneous but might be (Probably is) a couple of skilled actors reading their “Parts” in as convincing a manner as possible.

And finally, don’t take any of it very seriously.  Just know that the actors putting on the show have the responsibility to promote the agenda of whoever it is that is issuing their paychecks.

2 thoughts on “Radio and Television Program Hosts Are Not Always As Smart As You Might Think

  1. It is usually easy to tell when hosts/presenters are reading from a teleprompter script. They never quite make the proper eye contact with the person they are interviewing, and are often completely thrown when a guest goes off topic.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It isn’t important to me whether they are reading off the script or not. I become irritated when I understand that nothing is spontaneous. Everything being talked about is being talked about from the views and perspective of whoever is providing financial support for producing and airing the program. Subtle propaganda at its best. I detest being manipulated by something claiming to have the public interest at heart. It is all about agenda and cash … never or rarely ever about what is best for the public.

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