Let Me Predict The Outcome Of The Special Master Mess

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(September 6, 2022 @ 7:28 AM) —– Now that the …’Trump-Appointed Judge’ ….has used her best state of impartiality and granted Trump’s request for a “Special Master” to make sure there is no “Privileged” information in the documents seized by the FBI at Mar a Lago, let me predict the outcome and see what happens ….just for the fun of it, alright?

First of all, let me report that I heard, on the radio, this morning, that the “Impartial” judge who Trump had appointed and who granted Trump’s request for the Special Master appointment, showed unprecedented “Consideration” to the former president in this case … a level of “Consideration” heretofore unseen in the annals of Law for a case of this kind. —- Duhhh!

In my opinion that would make the judge a “Very Beautiful Person” in Trump’s estimation.  Of course I am just saying this because I am thinking it and there might not be a bit of truth in it at all … after all, I am not a mind reader, and if I were, I don’t think I would be able to read Trump’s mind because, basically, I don’t believe there is much in there that would make sense to me.

So, the “Very Beautiful, very loyal and very patriotic” judge has done her moral duty and given Trump the investigation-delaying tactic that he desired … and so now, if there is anybody anywhere who has anything to worry about because of this investigation, they now have extra time to cover their asses and hide their tracks. Of course we all know that there is no such shenanigans as that going on here, don’t we?

I wonder if this is the time for me to start thinking of this “Special Master” person, whoever he or she might be, as someone who  might also reasonably take on the additional title of “Master Situational Manipulator?”

Here is a fantasy that I have been entertaining lately:

Suppose that in the time the DOJ investigation is halted because of the special master, hundreds of other classified documents just disappear altogether and never be found and no one having the faintest idea of where they might have gone?

Suppose also that in the same time period, several high-profile Trump associates suddenly decide they would rather live in Costa Rica or somewhere than in the United States and thus become far removed from any possibility of ever having their privacy invaded by the “Monsters” who are annoying the former president.

Suppose, that in the course of the investigation by the “Special Master” several important pieces of the feared “Privileged” information the Judge is looking for suddenly materializes in the documents being “Reviewed” by that “Special Master.”  What would such a discovery do to the DOJ case?  You know damned well what it would do!

So now, having said that, my mind races back to the time, just after the FBI raid at Mar a Lago, when the former president accused Law Enforcement of “Planting” incriminating stuff during their raid.

All I am saying here with the last two paragraphs above this one is that somebody might be thinking that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.  If you know what I mean.



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