Blatant Overshare No. 199

Had boiled turnips, baked ham and cornbread for breakfast.  I have decided to add a whole lot more baked, steamed and boiled vegetables to my diet because I believe that the fibrous bulk will be good for my overall health and sense of wellbeing.  I believe that the added bulk will also help to curb my runaway appetite better through the day.  I will know if this has helped me when I step onto the bathroom scales in the morning.

It was raining and thundering and lightening this morning so I did not go for my morning combination run and power walk.  I did, however, find the courage to go to a barbershop and get my hair cut today after cutting it myself for more than a year because of the pandemic.

This was a truly shitty day for reading blogs apparently … because I had really low readership all day long.  But that is the name of the blogging game and I have become used to the idea that people are not going to flock to my blog by the hundred every day of the year.  I mean to say, “I know that I am a stable genius like somebody else I could name but won’t because I don’t want to dirty up my keyboard anymore than it already is and I know that I have a superior intellect, given to me by a gracious and Omnipotent God … in which a lot of people do not believe …but I believe.  But after spending a couple of hours this morning trying to get some sense out of a Right leaning political  blogger, I find that wasting intellect on locked-in minds is a consummate waste of time.

There is news on the internet today that the FBI or somebody has found some secret documents in the now famous Trump Trove detailing the nuclear defense capabilities of some foreign country or the other … I have no idea which country it is … and it is being called a “Bombshell” discovery and someone else who I shall not name is reported to be calling the discovery “A Hoax” (I wonder who that could be) but I am confident that such a discovery is not going to ruffle the feathers of anybody on the receiving end of any kind of allegations in regard to all that classified shit the FBI found at Mar a Lago and further, I do not believe for a split second that there is going to be any accountability for anything connected to this FBI investigation because there are (In my opinion) too many slick willy worms capable of slipping and sliding out of any kind of potential predicament and, if there are perps connected to all this classified document stuff, they are all going to come out clean as newborn babes … or they are going to “Run the clock” on all the procedures until nothing can ever be done about any of it.

When all this is said and done, I do not believe we are going to know any more about any of it than we know about what happened on that fateful day when some Saudis rammed a couple of passenger jets into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

I have been thinking a lot about this mess with all that classified stuff that Trump has been involved in by the DOJ and  FBI and the question occurred to me, “Since the judge ordering the special Master to review all the documents was appointed by Trump, why did she not recuse herself from acting in this case?  I had another question too that some of those who read my blog might be able to answer, “Since the appointment of the special Master in this case has caused a halt in the DOJ investigation efforts because of this judge’s actions, is there any possibility at all that this judge might be accused of obstruction of justice?

I also asked the question, “Does anybody except myself sense that since this judge was appointed by Trump, is there any reason at all to suspect some kind of bias in her decision to go ahead and appoint this special master person?

Definition of obstruction of justice:

 The act of willfully interfering with the process of justice and law especially by influencing, threatening, harming, or impeding a witness, potential witness, juror, or judicial or legal officer or by furnishing false information in or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process.
I am not a lawyer but to my mind it looks a hell of a lot to me like the actions of appointing that special Master may have had the effect of impeding the DOJ investigation quite substantially.  Definition of “Impede” is “To hinder something or stop something in progress.”
I know nothing and I am just asking questions here.
I do know that when Trump was in office, he managed to get a lot of court officials and lawyers and politicians appointed to a shitload of positions inside the government ….positions that I believe would provide him with unquestioned loyalty for years to come … Check it out for yourself:

In my entire life I have never before seen a single living individual with the kind and amount of power that former President Trump has managed to accumulate and I have to be honest with you, it scares me sometimes to think about it.





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  1. Even FDR did not have the power that Donald the Orange has…..I am jealous…we are starving for some rain… turnips….yesterday was a low day for IST as well….chuq

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