My Blogging Future

Opinion Editorial
by John

I think my writing style is improving — maybe.  I have had a lot of experience with little neighborhood newspapers, a couple of industrial house organs, one military base newspaper and one published article in the first issue of a nationally-published magazine on the subject of “Safe Outdoor Camping.”

I believe I have the art of “Shock Jocking” down fairly well but I have been somewhat reserved in the last couple of years trying to avoid offending too many people with vitriol and virulence.  Given that, it comes down to the realization that I do not really need to be concerned about offending people because not that many people ever visit this blog anyway so I think I am safe with those who do come … because those who do come regularly have been exceedingly faithful for years now. Maybe I will get a little more raunchy in times to come — we will have to wait and see.

I used to have a number of radical right wing bloggers who loved to troll me and I loved having them do it because we could have some really spice-filled interactions that way.  But a couple of them who openly presented themselves as hyper moralists and super christians got offended with my language and stopped interacting. I think many of you know the kind of radical right winger I am talking about here …. the kind who professes to have known Jesus for many years and who have claimed to have read the Bible through for more than 40 years but who still sit naked in their desk chairs and very libidinally pleasuring themselves  while reading my stuff.  Yes, that kind of radical right wingnut and I am sure there are thousands of them out there somewhere.

For the past couple of weeks I honestly believe I have had one of the more arrogant and self-assured of these rightwads trying to debate me on issues surrounding former president playboy pretender, Trump.  But there is little room for meaningful discussions when people like this guy or gal will never bend on a point of argument but presents himself or herself as the authoritative voice possessing all knowledge of everything factual while belittling and demeaning those with which he or she is “Debating. I don’t even know why a person like that has their comments open because I don’t think that anyone who disagrees with him or her is never going to get anything out of any conversation with him or her except exasperation and fatigue.  In my opinion, This person thinks he or she knows it all but I believe all he or she really knows is the length and depth and breadth of common contemporary Conservative paranoia, lies, deceit and treachery and conspiracy theory shit.

Nevertheless, as much as I appreciate being trolled, I do appreciate this blogger for putting up with me because he or she is good for a laugh now and then as I observe just how fucking stupid I think he or she is and what a front he or she tries to put on with his or her shitty little blog.

Moving on.

I am still working on how to capture useful source material so that I can write interesting shit for the education or entertainment …more entertainment than anything … of my faithful cadre of regular readers and for those who might discover me and come on board at some future time.

I have at this blogging game for about 12 years or so now… and I am still learning a lot of stuff that I never ever knew before.  It is stimulating and I think it is keeping me from going totally senile.

I do believe that for the time being I will continue to do a lot of informal casual blabbing about whatever comes to mind because it appears to me that there are some people who enjoy that sort of thing.


3 thoughts on “My Blogging Future

  1. 🤔 Well, it is your blog; which means, you have the freedom to publish whatever you like on it.

    If you have been blogging for twelve years, there is a high probability that your writing has improved.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, John.

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