The Fat Baker And The Little Mouse

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There was once a fat baker who had found himself in prison after poisoning several of his customers with poison-laced pecan rolls.

While imprisoned, serving a life sentence, the baker was charged with baking all the sweets for the prisoners but under the strictest of supervision.

Strict supervision would be a “Given” in this case, given the baker’s predispositions.

So whenever the baker baked, someone was there to keep an eye on his every move.

One day as the baker was baking, a little mouse appeared in one corner of the baker’s cell.

The mouse looked up at the baker with pleading eyes and a few enticing wiggles of his little whiskers.

The baker threw the little mouse a few tidbits of freshly baked doughnuts.

After a while, the little mouse began to make daily visits to beg for crumbs from the baker.

In the meantime, the baker, who was always chained to his cell door by a long leash, got fatter and fatter from eating too much of his own products, fresh from the oven.

The little mouse began to get fatter and fatter too because of the baker’s kindness in feeding him crumbs.

The fat baker and the fat mouse had struck a stunningly affectionate relation ship that lasted for years.

One day, the baker noticed that the little mouse had died and was lying peacefully in the corner of his cell.

Grasping the little mouse lovingly in his hands, the fat baker began to cry copious tears, all the while pleading, “Don’t leave me!  Oh God, please don’t leave me!”

The next day as the prison guards came to the baker’s cell for their daily prisoner check, they noticed that the baker had died also.

The baker lay dead in the corner of his cell with the little mouse asleep for all eternity by his side.

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