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So what is it with this blogging thing?  Do we think anything we say on our blogs is going to change any minds?

I have discovered that it is impossible to reason with the locked in thinking of the mindless rabble in the MAGA crowd — If you are trying to reason with that mindless-set you just might as well save your breath because you are not going to get through skulls as thick as those.  If you do manage to get into their heads, you will find nothing where their minds are supposed to be except a black hole … a vacuum!  There will not be a single flicker of light to be found anywhere inside a head such as those.

It seems that the big national rail strike has been averted for the time being.. so now maybe we can all get back to being satisfied with the outrageous level of inflation that we all have been enjoying and wait for the greed mongers to find something else to use as an excuse to increase the intensity of our struggles to survive.  It seems to me like every time a flock of pidgeons shit on a parking lot somewhere in the world, that is another excuse to raise prices here at home on something or the other.  Canadian moose farts add more methane gas  to the atmosphere and that will accelerate global warming so we have to raise prices on bread and milk to help avert the ultimate disaster.

I see that Poontang is having another bromance meeting with China this week.  Maybe he can convince China to provide Russia with more weapons to fight the Ukrainians with so that we can continue to buy cheap Chinese goods here at home.

Stay tuned.  I am sure my genius mind will conjure something else to entertain you with a little later on.

2 thoughts on “Links Morning Musings

  1. I doubt I have ever changed anyone’s mind, or influenced an opinion, but then I never set out to do that. As for the Far-Right idiots on both sides of The Atlantic, I doubt anything will ever get past their ignorant prejudices, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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