Trump Gets His Choice Of Special Masters

In the matter of the Department of Justice’s case concerning former president Trump and some classified documents that he had stored at his Mar a Lago resort, it has now been revealed that the “Special Master” Trump had requested to “Review” the documents seized by the FBI in a recent raid on Mar a lago has, indeed, been officially appointed.

Please note that it was not the Department of Justice offering a candidate to act as special master in this case who had their choice for the job accepted (So what did you expect?) but it was the judge that had been “Put forward” by Trump as a candidate for the job.  So Trump gets “His Choice” of the judge appointed to review the documents in question and, of course, there is no possibility that the judge that Trump had put forward as a candidate and who actually ended up getting the appointment will do anything other than act in a strictly “Independent” manner …. right?  Hmmmm!

Why does my mind keep going back to an article I read somewhere where it was stated that somebody or other had concluded that the Department of Justice has been turned into a virtual Trump law firm?

I believe there is one saving grace to this appointment because, for whatever the reason, the Department of Justice has reportedly also endorsed the judge that was selected for the job.  It will take a bigger brain than mine to figure all this out and I am not even going to try to do that like some of my right friends would be prone to attempt.

It has also been reported that Judge Aileen Cannon, the Trump-appointed judge who first approved Trump’s request to have a special master appointed to review the classified documents in question, also threw a monkey wrench into the ongoing DOJ criminal investigation causing it to stop … “For The Moment.”

Can anyone besides me smell delaying tactics going on here?  Does the former president believe that he can outrun the clock on this case of something or is all this delay being done to give somebody somewhere… somebody we have never heard of yet … time to hide something or to cover something up or to divert attention away from the real issues involved?  I sure as hell don’t have the answer to any of those questions but my suspicious mind is working overtime and I wonder if I am the only one interested in such questions as these.

I can envision all this ending up in appeals courts and the Supreme Court itself before all is said and done … the Conservative-Heavy Supreme Court who also has at least one judge that I believe might favor Trump in any decision they might be called on to make.

Is anyone blind enough that they cannot really see what is going on here?  Is there some “Slick Willy” working for someone to wiggle out of something here or am I imagining things in my Liberal mindset?

If you are patriot enough to care about what is happening with Trump and those documents and the January 6th investigations … if you have the least bit of interest in who has done what … if anyone has done anything at all … and who is helping or not helping who … and why they are or are not helping something in this instance….  If you are American enough to care you really need to read the following two articles very carefully and think about them.



I guess I have just about covered what I wanted to say now so I will shut up and let better minds than mine take over from here.

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