How Corrupt Can Corruption Become?

Former president (I use the term with tongue in cheek because it is technically true)Trump must be rejoicing this morning because the judge that he reportedly “Put forward as a candidate”  to become Special Master over all those classified documents got the job.

I find it amazing that a suspect in a case can choose the person who will review the case.

But then perhaps the use of the word, “Suspect” is wrongly applied in this case.

Of course, we all know, without a shadow of doubt, that the candidate that Trump put forward and who got the job of special master will, in the end, find something to dispute Trump’s claims, right?

Duh hhhh!  I am thinking “NOT!”

If there isn’t a hint of corruption in how the selection of the special master in this case, I would like to know what corruption really looks like.

I would also like to know if this special master who has been appointed to review all the classified documents in question has a security clearance that allows for him to do so and if he doesn’t have the proper security clearance, how is he going to review the documents at all?

I mean to say that if the special master does not have the proper security clearance to review highly classified documents, then that probably means that once the special master gets the documents into his hands, those documents are compromised anyway, right?

And even if the special master does have the proper security clearances to review the highly classified documents, what does it really matter because the special master has a memory does he not … a memory that can retain portions of what he has read, right?  If that is the case then the documents are still going to be compromised.

I thought the U.S. Government had more power to secure the integrity of highly classified material than to let a bunch of judges who really have no reason to know what the documents contain, get their hands on them in the first place.

I also will always wonder how in the hell lower court judges can actually have the power to tell the Department of Justice what to do.

I still think slick willie who once bragged in front of television cameras that he could shoot somebody in broad daylight on a crowded street and get away with it must know something that the rest of us do not … and that he will ultimately wiggle free of all this nonsense and go about his merry way doing his level best to extend his influence even deeper into our national system than he already has.

All this shit that is happening must be causing many Americans (Myself included) to ask, “Maybe this democracy and justice for all thing isn’t what I have always thought after all.”

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