If Trump Wins Again In 2024

It seems like only yesterday that former president Donald Trump emerged victorious from the 2016 election.

Some of the world was watching the outcome of that election with horror and some with derision, suspicion and uncertainty.  When the campaign first began, a lot of people everywhere thought it was all one big joke.  But, as it turned out, the joke was on all of us.  Trump managed to win and so began one of the strangest presidential terms in the history of the nation.

Many people in America were bought to tears of fear as they wondered what Trump’s administration would bring.  Those who live in a constant state of ignorance and paranoia welcomed the Trump victory and welcomed Trump himself as some kind of conquering hero who would wield what they imagine amounted to supernatural power to change their status quo into some kind of utopia.

As it turned out, most Americans discovered that the Trump administration was worse than they could have ever imagined.  A lot of the uninformed, the under-informed and the misled went about their daily business totally unaware that even though the economy was good, there were darker clouds on the horizon. They were unaware that their traditional lifestyles were about to be upended and, in some cases, almost brought to an end by an insurrection in the now famous January 6th uprising in Washington, D.C.; an uprising that many still think was an attempt to overturn the results of a lost election for Trump.

The investigations into the circumstances of that tragic day are still ongoing, and the Trump team is doing everything in their power to avoid any accountability for any of it.  It is a raging battle that has the power to divert the national attention away from other issues affecting daily life.  It is a raging battle that might end up costing us our democratic way of life.

Right now, there is some reason, in my opinion, to think that the future of The democracy in The United States is looking pretty bleak.  And I believe a lot of this depressing outlook is because of the things that have happened during and after the Trump administration.  The democrats who honor and value freedom are not blind to the damage done by that administration but the faithful hordes of people who still support the former president seem totally blinded to any of it.

I am convinced that many other countries in the world have seen what has happened to The United States because of the past administration and I believe our status as a leader in the world has been negatively impacted because of it.

I believe that if the former president wins a second term, our precious democracy might well be destroyed because of it.

No matter what happens, I believe we can all be sure, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the election of 2024 will be the most contentious in the history of the country and it might well turn out to be the most tragic as well.


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