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I do not know the reason why so many people are on the airwaves, on the internet, in the print media, and everywhere else complaining about politics and world affairs all the time.

I know those conversations are interesting but I find that most of them do nothing but add stress to people who are already over-burdened with plenty of other stresses.  I guess some people who produce all this kind of stuff need to sense a little self-superiority or something.  I do know that none of us ordinary pee-ons are ever going to do or say anything that is going to change the course of history so it all seems a little futile to me.

The good news is that all the assholes who are determined to make life miserable for everybody else — yes, I am speaking of the magat crowd here … the Q-assnons and all their crazy followers … the Trumpists … all of them are eventually going to pass from the scene …Lord I hope how soon …. and their voices will be heard no more and all that will be left of them will be the dung heap of damage to our way of living that they have left behind … but they will, in fact, be gone in due time and will not be able to harm anyone or anything ever again.

So everyone — myself included — should just cool it a little bit about all the sensationalist news that is traveling the airwaves and the print media these days because no matter which side of the political aisle it all comes from, it comes from someone who is going to make a shit load of money from puking it out and I guarantee you that none of it has you or me in mind before it hits the presses or the airwaves.

Despite what I just wrote here … on this extremely knowledgeable political opinion blog …a blog whose wisdom can never be challenged because it derives from Inspiration on High ….despite all my disdain for political mish mashing, I am going to continue to do it because I get a perverse satisfaction from stirring shit up and informing some people and offending the pants off others.

You want some honesty this morning?  There, you have it!  I am an eccentric, colorful, arrogant, self-important POS (Did you right wing idiots hear what I just said?) and I know it but I also know that some people find me entertaining and if that is true then I have met the smell test for being socially beneficial to one degree to another.

God, I love me!

… and you too!

..whoever and wherever you are!

3 thoughts on “More Wisdom From John

    • I have always respected you, Partnering With Eagles, because you are more centered and reasonable in your presentations than a lot of those who embrace conservatism.

      I do not even have an argument with conservatism. I think conservatives have a lot of good ideas sometimes. In fact, I, myself, voted for Trump — but I won’t again.

      It is all the talk from what I consider to be a much too extreme faction of conservatism –some of the more violence-prone MAGA crowd ….that I cannot stomach because it sounds destructive and dangerous to me.

      When I am berating conservatism, it is not traditional conservatism that I am talking about … it is that Trumpist madness that seeks a strong dictator style of government that I am talking about,.

      I know that there are still level headed conservatives out there. But I fear that their voice is being stilled by the radical activists trying to bear their name but not resembling them in any degree at all.

      Yes, I will agree with you that there are bad actors on both sides of the fence. For example, I am not entirely comfortable with Biden and Company leading us into what could turn out to be a devastating world war with Vladass Poontang.

      Thanks for honoring me, Partner with your response this morning. Please come often.

  1. I get riled by things now and then. But things I cannot control, like Putin and his threats, I just try to ignore. Lately, I have been more successful at ignoring stuff. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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