Is It Really A Bad Idea To Vote For Republicans In Today’s Divisive Government?


Voting for the Republican Party is not necessarily a bad idea, since there are various issues that are important to different types of voters. The operative phrase here is “Different Types of Voters.”

However, it is important to be aware of the platform and principles of the Republican Party before voting in any election. Most people can easily see that the Republican platform does not, in most ways, favor the interests and welfare of the common everyday citizen, but is, instead, designed to advance the interests of the rich and the super-rich, most often at the expense of the rest of everybody in the country.

Millions of working-class American citizens and the poorer class of citizens are often caused unnecessary struggle and suffering because of programs favored by the Republicans.

A Republican platform may not support policies that are important to certain individuals, including environmental protection, LGBTQ+ rights, diversity and inclusion, workers’ rights, or social welfare policies, which can be a major issue for many individuals.

In point of fact, I believe that Republicans will always vote against environmental protection because they favor big corporate profits over the health and well-being of the citizens.

I believe the LGBTQ people are always going to have a rougher time under Republicans and that if they value what few rights they have already been given under the Democrats, they had better think twice about ever voting for any Republican.

Those folks who depend on their monthly social security checks and who might have to use medicare benefits from time to time may eventually see both of these democratic advantages dissolve under the tyranny of Republicans because these safety nets have been the target for elimination by the Republicans for a long long time now. Republicans have always hated any program that is designed to help people who really need help and I believe they will always try to get rid of all such programs. If American voters don;t wake up, the day will surely come when Republicans will have gained total control of the government on a permanent basis and all the safety net programs that we enjoy now will be things of the past.


It is important for everyone to notice that recent Republican Party governance of the national government has resulted in the rolling back many of the social, economic, and environmental protections put in place by previous administrations, which may not be in line with the values held by certain voters.

Ultimately, individuals should be fully aware of a party’s platform before they vote in any election.

Ultimately I believe that everyone who loves their country should be aware that the current radical factions in control of the government have little more agenda than the complete destruction of our democracy and raising themselves to a position of dictatorial power on a permanent basis.

I think the example of the attempted overthrow of the government on January 6th, 2021 by right-wing insurrectionists should be the everlasting and indelible example of what I am talking about here.

5 thoughts on “Is It Really A Bad Idea To Vote For Republicans In Today’s Divisive Government?

  1. I think you’re right on the money with that whole article. The GOP doesn’t seem to have any real plans to actually solve any of the problems we have. They’re really good at generating anger and hate but not very good at trying to bring people together and actually solving anything.

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  2. The problem is no one seems to interests….care nothing for their neighbors or the country as a whole….they care nothing beyond their pathetic little world….so NO do not vote for these tools. chuq

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