Radical Republicans Would Probably Have A Problem Celebrating Martin Luther King Day


We just got through celebrating Martin Luther King day.

It is my opinion that there are a lot of Republicans — or people who have taken on the title of “Republican” — the radical right-wing extremists are the ones that I am talking about here … (And believe it or not, there are some of those folks occupying seats in our very government even as I speak).– republicans who would have had a helluva hard time even acknowledging Martin Luther King day because Martin Luther King Jr. would likely have been a problem for radical republicans because his civil rights activism was in stark contrast to the conservative and often racist policies of the Republican party. King believed in equality for all people, regardless of race or religion, and was a staunch advocate for ending segregation in the United States. This was in direct opposition to the beliefs of many radical republicans, who sought to maintain and even expand the existing racial hierarchy in America.

I am convinced that the idea of “Equality for all people” is abhorrent to some large group of Republicans and that their idea of “Equality” only really means “Equality for everybody who thinks the same way that we think and to hell with everybody else!”

I find this extremely intriguing because, as I understand it, there are a significant number of Black American Citizens serving in the House of Representatives and I simply cannot believe that they would ever support any Republican legislative move that would seem to present as racist.

I believe this restrictive attitude is ingrained in the DNA of the radical factions of Conservatism and that nothing will ever excise it. If they finally gain complete control of the government … and they are well positioned to do exactly that …. I believe that minorities in this country can hang their ideas of rights and freedoms up and forget all about them.

I would never have believed, before the recent mid-term elections that there are voters in our country who would agree with the attitudes and agendas of some of the radical right-wingers, but the results of the elections have shown me to be wrong. There are, apparently millions of them and the truly scary part is that these are the kinds of people who will have significant influence over how the rest of us live our lives for a considerable time yet to come.

Some folks attribute the regressive attitudes of a majority of Republicans to the idea that Republicans are generally less intelligent than other people. I put this idea to the statistical test and here is what I discovered: “There is no evidence to suggest that republicans are less intelligent than democrats or any other group for that matter. Intelligence is an individual trait and should not be used to make sweeping generalizations about an entire group of people.”

The only conclusion I can draw is that Republican intelligence is not less than the intelligence of anybody else but may be different in “Quality” or “Quantity.”

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