The Danger To Democracy Posed By Radicalized Republicans


The radical republicans, like some of those now loose in the American House of Representatives and elsewhere, pose a significant threat to democracy.

Their extreme views, intolerance of opposing opinions, and refusal to compromise can create a hostile political environment and lead to more extreme forms of government, such as totalitarianism. I think this was best demonstrated during the recent administration of former president, Trump. The Trump administration was where we almost lost our democratic way of life, if you will recall. That administration was the closest the United States ever came to getting a totalitarian government. The sad part is that there are at least 77 million poor misguided souls who actually embrace such nonsense. It is reminiscent of what happened to Germany back in the late 1930s when Hitler got elected as Chancellor and went on to be the sole dictator.

America today seems to be on the verge of accepting a totalitarian regime. I do not know why this is true but I assume it is because some of our citizens have swallowed the extremist propaganda and are desperate for some kind of change in Washington.

Additionally, radical republicans tend to be anti-establishment, meaning they oppose traditional democratic institutions like the rule of law, the separation of powers, and the protection of civil rights. I believe they definitely see themselves as a law unto themselves and that they want themselves to be the only ones with any kind of rights. Because they tend to be centered on a bastardized and politicized version of Evangelical Christian values, I also think they believe that they are destined by God to rule the world.

If the radicalized right-wing trash ever gets full power in the American government for any length of time, I pity the ethnic communities because they will see all their rights eroded and destroyed as time goes on through the right-wing pretense that every curtailment of their rights will be for the good of the country or for the good of the children. If it happens, it will be an insidiously slow process but it will be implemented and pursued with all the power the traitorous radical right can muster.

This radical right-wing power grab can lead to a weakening of democracy, as well as an increase in political polarization and violence. Finally, radical republicans often have a narrow view of the world, which can lead to an exclusion of minority groups and an intolerance of diversity, both of which are essential to the success of any democracy.

The real danger, as I see it, is that most Americans today, are so caught up in themselves that they are blind to the dangers, thinking that an autocratic government could never happen here. The problem is that the process is in place and even now, is slowly working toward that very goal.

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