How The House of Representatives Might Become A Danger To Democracy

By Blog Author, John

Now that the lunatics are running the asylum Americans should be made aware of how relative juveniles in positions of great power in The People’s House can be seriously detrimental to our whole way of government.

Consider these things carefully:

The democratic process in the United States of America relies on the House of Representatives as one of its foundational systems.

This system of government is built on freedom and equality, with the House of Representatives serving as the vital link between the people and their government. As such, it is important to understand how the House of Representatives could become a danger to democracy.

At its best, the House of Representatives serves as an important check on the power of the presidency. With 435 members, the House acts as a safeguard against presidential overreach, as well as a platform for the expression of public opinion. However, there are a number of ways in which the House of Representatives could become a threat to democracy.

First, the House of Representatives could be subject to gerrymandering, a practice whereby electoral districts are redrawn to favor one political party or group. This practice is particularly threatening to democracy, as it undermines the principle of one person, one vote. Additionally, gerrymandering can lead to legislative gridlock, where two parties are unable to reach the necessary consensus to pass any meaningful legislation.

Second, the House of Representatives could become susceptible to special interests. This can happen if influential special interests are able to pour money and resources into races, thus ensuring that their favored candidates get elected. This threatens democracy as special interests can use their resources to push policies and laws that are not in the best interests of the general public.

Finally, the House of Representatives could be subject to the same partisan gridlock that exists in the Senate. This type of political stalemate is especially harmful to democracy, as it prevents the passage of important legislation in an already gridlocked Congress. This could have far-reaching implications, as the government becomes unable to address issues such as climate change and income inequality.

The House of Representatives can become a danger to democracy in a variety of ways. From gerrymandering to special interests to gridlock, it is essential to stay vigilant in order to protect the structure of our democracy.

Very soon now, America is going to see the consequences of the votes they cast in the midterms and I don’t think it is going to be pretty at all.

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