The Fate Of A Fatal Obsession


FIRST OF ALL please read the following from “In Saner Thought”

….. Illinois on Tuesday became the latest U.S. state to ban the sale or possession of assault weapons.

Just hours after the legislation’s passage in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” into law during a ceremony at the State Capitol in Springfield. Supporters, some of whom were gun violence survivors, erupted with applause and cheers as the governor presented the signed document……” (

The debate over the sale and ownership of military-grade weapons has been a hot topic in the United States over the last few years, with many arguing that the availability of such weapons has led to an increase in mass shootings across the country.

However, despite this, there are still many Republicans who continue to support the sale and ownership of military-grade weapons. One of the main reasons why Republicans support the sale and ownership of military-grade weapons is because of their belief in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Given that explanation, I think I would add this: Yes, I believe the Republicans believe in the Second Amendment and I am sure that is one of the main arguments they will always use to excuse their support for the sale of the automatic weapons that are killing our citizens through mass shootings and other criminality. But I believe there is an even more overriding reason for Republican support of automatic weapon sales in the United States and that reason is that they are fervent supporters of the interests of big business over the interests of ordinary Americans, and who can think of a bigger business than the gun industry?

Lately, I have been constructing a conspiracy theory of my very own about why the Rethugs are so in love with automatic gun sales. Let me share my newly-constructed cons[iracy theory right now:

I believe that the crazy side of the Republican Party … the ones who are known to have supported the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, 2010, probably are daydreaming about the day which they hope will come in which they can finally foment a bigger insurrection …. an armed insurrection …, that will finally take control of the entire government and put them in the driver’s seat forever. For that reason, it is my conspiratorial belief that the Republicans would like to see every American armed and ready to march to the drum of their tyranny. I am patiently awaiting to see if they plan to orchestrate any false flags or other schemes within the next few years to help make their dream of domination a reality.

This amendment states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon, and many Republicans believe that this should include the right to own military-grade weapons. They argue that if the government were to restrict the sale and ownership of such weapons, it would be a violation of their constitutional rights.

Another reason why Republicans support the sale and ownership of military-grade weapons is because they believe that such weapons provide an important deterrent to crime. They argue that if criminals know that their potential victims have access to firearms that are more powerful than their own, they are more likely to think twice before attempting to commit a crime. They also argue that if the government were to restrict the sale and ownership of such weapons, it would be a violation of the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families.

Finally, many Republicans believe that the sale and ownership of military-grade weapons is an important part of the country’s history and culture, and that it is important to preserve this part of America’s heritage. They argue that the Second Amendment was put in place to ensure that citizens could protect themselves from threats both foreign and domestic, and that restricting the sale and ownership of such weapons would be a disservice to the legacy of those who fought to protect these rights.

These are just a few of the reasons why Republicans continue to support the sale and ownership of military-grade weapons despite all the mass shootings that have occurred in recent years. While there are certainly valid arguments on both sides of the debate, it is important to remember that the right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the United States Constitution, and that it is up to the American people to decide how best to honor and protect this right.

But while the American People are struggling to decide how best to honor and protect these rights, they must also decide how to protect themselves from the gun violence that comes from exercise of these rights by criminals and nut cases. This brings up the influence of the gun lobby, money and possible corruption in high places. Right now, it is the gun lobby that controls the dialogue in the United States. The constitution is their excuse but money is their motivation no matter how many innocent citizen victims must die. That is my opinion about the tragic shit.

Will There Ever Be Any Hope Of Gun Violence Control In America?

The gun lobby is able to prevent Congress from banning automatic weapons sales to civilians largely through a combination of political and financial pressure.

While money is certainly a factor, the gun lobby’s ability to mobilize its supporters and pressure individual members of Congress is also a major factor.

The gun lobby is able to get its supporters to contact their elected representatives and share their views on the issue, which can be more effective than simply donating money. Additionally, the gun lobby has a large presence in the media and is able to consistently push its narrative that any attempt to ban automatic weapons is an attack on the Second Amendment.

What can be done to lessen gun lobby influence over congress?

1. Increase public awareness of the gun lobby’s influence on Congress. Educate citizens on the various ways the gun lobby attempts to influence the legislative process, such as through lobbying, campaign donations, and other financial support.

2. Encourage citizens to contact their elected officials and urge them to reject the influence of the gun lobby.

3. Work to enact campaign finance reform that limits the amount of money that can be donated to political campaigns from the gun lobby.

4. Support candidates who are not influenced by the gun lobby.
Unfortunately, this requirement must have been overlooked or ignored by the majority of voters in our recent midterms because the House of Representatives is now wholly controlled by people who I believe are more inclined to listen to the gun lobbies than they are to listen to the American People.

5. Push for legislation that would require greater disclosure of the gun lobby’s influence on Congress.

6. Work to pass laws that would limit the ability of the gun lobby to influence Congress.

7. Support independent legislative research and analysis that is free from the influence of the gun lobby.

8. Urge Congress to pass common sense gun reform measures that would limit the ability of the gun lobby to influence the legislative process.

When elected officials won’t listen to citizens concerns about gun violence and gun control:
Steps that be taken:

1. Gather a group of like-minded citizens and organize a protest or rally. (Be sure to wear your helmets and gas masks if you do this. ) Some officials do not like protests or protestors and these events can get rough.

2. Organize a boycott of the elected officials’ businesses or services.

3. Write letters to the editor or op-eds in local newspapers.

4. Publish a petition online and collect signatures.

5. Use social media to speak out and spread awareness.

6. Contact other elected officials who might have more influence.

7. Attend city council or other local government meetings to voice your opinion.

8. Run for office yourself, or support candidates who share your views.

4 thoughts on “The Fate Of A Fatal Obsession

  1. They don’t give a fig about the 2nd amendment. The ONLY thing they care about is all the money they get directly and indirectly from the gun lobby. If that funding dried up tomorrow so would their support for the 2nd amendment.


  2. Follow the money, John. Guns are big business, and the gun companies pay off the politicians to sway how they vote. Even if 10 states ban the weapons, that leaves 40 others still selling them. There are lots more people unknowingly waiting to be killed in mass shootings.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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