Yes, I am hearing rumblings that the (Expletive deleted) Republicans in the House of Representatives are more than willing to throw social security recipients, medicare users, and others dependent on social safety net programs under the bus over raising the national debt limit ceiling and I ask, “So what the fuck else is new?” Isn’t that what the bastards have been threatening to do all along? Nothing new here, folks, moving on. Voting has consequences and the fools who blindly vote for the right-wingers in America are standing in a position to get it up the financial ass from their favorite little homegrown democracy destroyers. Who can ever account for stupidity?

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  1. They’re more than willing to tank the entire economy, drive the elderly into poverty, destroy the health care system and probably drive much of the world into a depression in order to prevent us baby eating demonic democrats from looking good.

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    • Off topic for a minute, I tried to leave a comment on your site about the electric device that you are talking about ..the solar thing…and I went through all the steps … giving my identity and everything… but I have no idea if you got the comment or not. Sorry about that. My comment was “T his device looks like something that no household should be without.”


      • It did indeed come through with no problem. Comments don’t appear on the blog until they are moderated. Many years ago I had issues with spammers and couple of outright jerks and I had to switch over to moderating all comments. The spam checkers have gotten much better and I almost never see any of that any more but I still run into the occasional drive-by troll now and then so I kept moderation turned on.


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