Republicans Are All In For Censorship And Book Burnings,

“ALL” Republicans? Maybe not “ALL” republicans but some of the radical Republicans for sure! I found a case in point on “IN SANER THOUGHT” this morning that illustrates what I am talking about here. Here is a quotation from “In Saner Thought” that I believe goes right to the point of how Republicans love censorship:


A freshman lawmaker from Wyoming has already begun efforts to remove LGBTQ+ books for youth from both school and public libraries in the state.

Republican Rep.-elect Jeanette Ward has introduced House Bill 87, which expands the definition of “child pornography” to mean “any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, cartoon, drawing, computer or computer generated image or picture, whether or not made or produced by electronic, mechanical or other means, or any other form of depiction of explicit sexual conduct.”

The bill also repeals a law that gives exemptions for those who “possess or disseminate obscene material” for activities related to schools, universities, colleges, museums, and public libraries….” END QUOTE.

Conservatives Love To Burn Books:

Hitler Loved To Burn Books:

Republicans will undoubtedly get to the point where they will advocate burning all books that contain ideas contrary to their own. That is my opinion at any rate. I think book burning and censorship of opposing ideas is will within the purview of what I consider to be radical right wing fascistic beliefs.

But wait! There is more!

In today’s world, the idea of a government burning books in schools and libraries is a cause of great concern. Great concern, that is, to everybody but the radical factions of the Republican Party, apparently.

Not only does it have a detrimental effect on citizens’ right to access information, it can also have a far-reaching impact on society as a whole. When a government starts campaigns to burn books, it implies an attempt to control the flow of information and ideas.

Who is in more dire need to control the flow of information and ideas these days than the terribly divided and talentless radical wing of the Republican Party?

This has the potential to suppress freedom of speech and thought, leading to the censorship of certain topics, ideas, and opinions.

Such censorship is a violation of human rights and can lead to a society in which citizens feel unable to express their views. I believe the crazy factions of the Republican Party are all in favor of making certain of our citizens unable to express their ideas and viewpoints — I am thinking LGBTQ people as one example … in case you have not noticed.

The burning of books can also have a negative effect on education and knowledge. Schools and libraries are the primary sources of knowledge and information for many people, and when those books are removed or destroyed, people are deprived of the opportunity to learn about different topics, perspectives, and ideas. This can lead to a lack of critical thinking and the development of narrow-minded beliefs.
And I challenge anybody to show me who has more narrow-minded beliefs than some of the damned idiots who populate right wing radical conservatism!

Furthermore, when books are burned, cultural heritage and history can also be destroyed. Libraries are often home to rare and valuable books, containing important information about the past. If these books are destroyed, valuable information and knowledge is lost, and future generations are unable to benefit from the collective wisdom of our ancestors.

In conclusion, when a government starts campaigns to burn books in schools and libraries, it has a detrimental effect on society as a whole. It can lead to the suppression of freedom of speech, the loss of knowledge and education, and the destruction of cultural heritage and history. Therefore, it is essential that governments refrain from censorship and instead encourage the free exchange of ideas and information.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Are All In For Censorship And Book Burnings,

  1. So on the one hand they’re whining and complaining that they’re being “censored” because their rants and ravings and incitement of violence are being deleted on social media, and on the other they’re demanding that any ideas that they disapprove of need to be censored and removed? I see. (sarcasm mode on) Nope, no hypocrisy there. None at all. (sarcasm mode off)


  2. First, they ban some books.
    Then they burn the books.
    Then they imprison the writers.
    Then they kill the writers.
    It has happened before, and will undoubtedly happen again.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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