People Raising Chickens To Beat Rising Egg Prices
That is one idea to beat the price of eggs these days … raise your own damned chickens. But I am wondering, with the price of chicken feed and the time and effort required to care for the birds, “Is it really worth all the hassle?” My idea to get the price of eggs under control is for the American People just to boycott the damned things and tell the egg producers, “Bring down the price of eggs or stick them in your ass!” There are things that can be substituted for eggs and here are at least 13 of them —
I say “Hit the greedy assholes in the pocketbook. It worked on coffee a few years ago and beef too! When the People get mad enough and start the boycotts, the greed mongers will crap their pants and do the right thing. Would it be such a bad thing if there were no eggs on the markets at all? Human Beings are very adaptable and I am sure they can find a way to do without eggs if it comes down to it.

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  1. Around where we live, it is very common to keep chickens, especially in houses with larger gardens. The only issue is the crowing of cockerels nearby, which can be annoying.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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