“Lying George” Santos Reportedly Has Ties To Russian Oligarch

Opinion Editorial

George Santos who was recently elected to congress to represent the 3rd congressional district of New York and who is under investigation for padding his campaign resume with numerous falsehoods has now reportedly been found to have ties to a powerful and wealthy Russian Oligarch.

Why am I not surprised to learn this? It would serve Russia well to have someone in congress sympathetic to their causes, don’t you think? I keep remembering that the Republican Party where Santos is now a member has a faction that some people have affectionately dubbed “The Putin Party” for their constant public support of Russian ideals and agenda. I am not going to claim that poor beleaguered Congressman Santos has any proclivities to support or favor the Russians because of his alleged ties to an Oligarch, but for some reason that might be strictly personal, the whole thing smells fishy to me.

The whole “Ties to a Russian Oligarch” thing seems to swirl around some alleged contributions made to Santo’s campaign by a person reported to be a “Cousin” of an Oligarch and if you want a better picture of what I am talking about here you need to read the information contained under the following link:


Poor George! He seems to have set off some kind of firestorm with some of the claims he made about himself. I wonder what kind of representative he will be with all the baggage that his detractors have been piling onto him lately.

4 thoughts on ““Lying George” Santos Reportedly Has Ties To Russian Oligarch

  1. I’m indeed curious about how he funded his campaign. He had almost literally zero income for years. If I remember right the most he ever made was about $50k in one year. Then all of a sudden he could afford to “lend” something like $700,000 to his campaign from a company he started only the year before and seems to have conducted no actual business.

    I also find it hilarious that some of the GOP politicians he’s now working with have been harshly criticizing drag shows and drag queens but they have no problem at all with a congressman who was apparently a drag performer.


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