Earth’s Spinning Molten Core Is Slowing Its Rotation According To New Study

Consequences Not Seen As Threat To Life

A recent scientific study by two research scientists from Peking University in China has suggested that the molten inner core of planet earth may have stopped spinning and might be nearing the reversal stage where it would begin to spin backward according to reports.

What is the core of the earth and what is its significance? The core of Earth is a large, dense, and very hot layer found at the center of our planet. It is made up of an inner core and an outer core and is located approximately 2,900 km (1,802 miles) beneath the Earth’s surface.

The inner core is made of solid iron and nickel and has a radius of about 1,220 km (758 miles). The outer core is a liquid layer of iron and nickel and has a radius of roughly 2,300 km (1,429 miles).

The core of Earth is extremely important, as it is responsible for generating the Earth’s magnetic field. This field protects the Earth from dangerous solar radiation and helps to sustain the atmosphere.

The core is also responsible for the Earth’s internal heat, which is what drives the convection currents that cause plate tectonics and volcanism. Without it, the Earth would be a much colder and lifeless place.

According to the scientists who made the referenced study, a change in the rotation of the core should pose no cataclysmic danger to life on the planet … which means, for all practical purposes, you and me.

But then what do scientists know?

So what is the worst that could happen if the earth core started a backward spin? Here is all the information about this question that I could find:

If the Earth’s core suddenly started spinning backward, the effects would depend on how quickly this spin reversed. If the spin reversal was sudden and drastic, it could cause a massive seismic event, which could result in earthquakes, tsunamis, and other catastrophic events.

We are already witnessing earthquakes, tsunamis and other catastrophic events so that doesn’t appear to be that much of a biggie to me. We have been experiencing these things on an ever-worsening schedule in the past few years and it has been blamed on global warming.

If the reversal was more gradual, the effects would be less severe, but the spin reversal could still cause shifts in the Earth’s magnetic field, which could affect the global climate and ocean currents.

We are already having global climate upheavals and changes in both the ocean currents and the air currents too … so I am at a loss to find anything more to worry about because of this referenced study.

What else is new?

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  1. The first question I always ask is “How long will it take to kill all human life?” If it is more than 30 years, I can guarantee I will be dead by then, so relax.
    Then I stop worrying about the latest ‘amazing discovery’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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