A Rational Approach To The War In Ukraine


So how would the Hitler thing have worked out in the l940s had various nations, including the United States, refused to enter the fray with all they had to offer?

I will tell you how it would have worked out … we would all be speaking German right now and goose-stepping all over the place … those of that would be left alive that is.

Do not think for a minute that if Ukraine fails and falls, the Baltic States and Europe will not be on the Putin agenda and since he is rebuilding the Soviet glory, let us not forget that Alaska was once part of that former Soviet glory that he wants so badly to rebuild.

He already has a strong presence in the Arctic and nobody with half a brain is going to be deceived into thinking that his presence there is for strictly scientific reasons. It is the same with that Russian spy trawler that is present in international waters off the coast of Hawaii. I believe they are there to observe our military forces at Pearl Harbor and to check out the undersea communications cables that we have installed there.

And I am certain that Russian interest in what is going on at our military installations is not just casual curiosity either.

Everybody is so concerned about how this war in Ukraine is going to end and about whether the U.S. should continue to support it when what we should really be focused on is the fact that all those nations now contributing to this war are, right now, at this very moment, engaged in that Third World War they all fear so much … and they do not even seem to know it!

That much-feared World War III is already happening and it is only going to get worse and people need to get their false hopes and their heads out of the sand and face the reality.

I say, “Knowing all this and knowing the history of authoritarian aggressors of History, we should muster a coalition of the willing and go in there with all that we have and get this damned thing over with one way or the other. It is going to happen eventually anyway so why not face reality and get the ball rolling while we still have the advantage?”

We are not going to Neville Chamberlain our way out of this one either, no matter what the peaceniks think.

2 thoughts on “A Rational Approach To The War In Ukraine

  1. Us peace-niks know that we are pissing up a rope for too many Americans are silly enough to believe this is some sort of ‘righteous’ conflict. There is nothing righteous what-so-ever…..it is keeping the War Department funded and its fingers in our society. chuq


  2. I think the comparison to Hitler’s Germany in 1939 is not valid, John. Between 1939 and 1941, Germany invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and The Soviet Union.
    Putin has only invaded Ukraine, and has not invaded a NATO country, or any country that had an agreement to protect Ukraine. Just stating the facts.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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