Starting A New Day In Mundanesville

I was on the “Wayback Machine” this morning reading over some of the entries in Justin Hall’s blog and was impressed with its simplicity. Justin is the first person acknowledged to have been a blogger way back when… back in the early days of the Internet when things were not so easy to do on the web as they are today.

I noticed that “Justin’s Links” was plain, simple, straightforward, and focused almost exclusively on his day-to-day life experiences.

So I re-arranged a few things on “Liming’s Lynkz” to approximate some of the appearance of Justin’s blog — I tried my best to simplify everything on my blog …simple, easy-to-read text (Arial), generous 16px text size, compact sentence structure, a colored entry header for each article …I am even tinkering with the idea of dispensing with the “Likes” feature on my blog because “Likes” is something that can become a bit addictive if you as insecure as I am.

At any rate, my blog has a new look this morning (For the Ten-Thousandth time since 2010) and I am hoping that you will approve.

On a lighter side, I am awaiting delivery, this morning, of my brand new WiFi extending antenna for my computer modem so that I can extend the range of my signals and get better service out of my computer’s Internet Service Provider. Right now I am getting 106 milibytes per second speeds on my data flow and I want to see if the new antenna will increase that any. Actually, all that is needed for an effective blog is an Internet speed of 25 Mbps per second or above but I always like a little overkill as a backup. That is also the reason that I have ongoing service agreements with multiple service providers … so that if one or more of them go down, I will always be up and running.

The weather is still cold here but it is about average for this time of year, Springtime is right around the corner now and it will not be long before we are all bitching about how damn hot it is. I am learning to find things about each of our seasons to like and less to bitch and moan about.

So I hope that everything is going well for you all too …see you in a little while just as soon as something else pops into what was once my brain.

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