Give It Up, America, Trump Is Never Going To Be Held Accountable For Anything

From The Masterful Mind Of John

We all know the allegations: “Trump led a deadly insurrection to overthrow the United States government.” That is the allegation. The reality is that no one has done a damned thing about it except to launch some investigations and give some information to the Department of Justice which has launched its own investigations.

How long have those “Investigations” been going on? The investigations have been going on ever since January 6, 2021 … more than two years now. And, as far as I can tell, they are still going on and my suspicion is that they will go on until 2024 because it took the government three years to complete the investigation of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 — and nobody still really is sure of what happened.

Government investigations seem to go on for a long time. I believe the reason for this is that the investigators want to cover all their bases and play all their cards or, God Forbid, somebody feels the need to squeeze the most mileage out of such reports because somebody is making a shitload of money because of them and they want to keep their golden goose alive as long as they can.

In the case of Trump and the alleged insurrection, which many on the right wing see only as a common day at the Capitol where some protesters became a little unruly and where no one carried guns and no one was injured — in spite of many testimonies to the contrary — In the case of Trump, I am thinking that the investigations are going to go on and on until the public forgets what happened or when the public has ceased to care.

Let me start by addressing the reasons that some people with a lot more sense and experience than myself believe that the former president cannot, In fact, be prosecuted for anything in regard to the so-called insurrection. The following is an explanatory quotation from “The Hill” that I believe touches very clearly cond concisely on the question of prosecuting Trump:

QUOTE … ” …Many analysts have suggested that President Trump ought to be criminally prosecuted for his part in the deadly events of January 6. It won’t happen. Courts, convicting defendants of murder, have declared that one who endangers others “for his diversion merely” manifests a “depraved mind, regardless of human life.” That may be Trump. But he would, as the saying goes, get off on a technicality….” END OF QUOTE

There seems to be ample reason to believe that prosecutors who could bring charges in the case of Trump might be dithering .. procrastinating … and some of those reasons are contained in an article I found on the MSN website and I am going to post a quote from that article right now …

QUOTE FROOM MSN ARTICLE ….”…Ultimately, the various prosecutors investigating the former president have done nothing to demotivate Trump and his supporters from continuing their assault on democracy. Those investigators, in various ways and to various degrees, seem to be  dithering in deciding whether or not to prosecute Trump and his top allies. Those investigations include: the Department of Justice team looking into Jan. 6, New York Attorney General Tish James’ civil probe of Trump’s business, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s criminal investigation of Trump’s business, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ criminal investigation of Trump’s efforts to subvert the election in Georgia, and Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah’s criminal investigation of the Trump Organization’s Westchester golf course….END OF QUOTE FROM MSN ARTICLE.

Is Justice Delayed Justice Denied?

That is what they say.

In order to get a better look at the possibilities (and maybe even the probabilities) of how this is all going to play out, let us take a look at something that I found on YAHOO NEWS that addresses the very question: Here is a quote from the Yahoo News Website article that I was reading:

QUOTE FROM A YAHOO NEWS ARTICLE BY ROBERT MOUNTS —-“…Now, after another year of interminable investigations at every level of government, without a grand jury being convened to consider charges against Trump directly and without an indictment on any charge, I am forced to contemplate the very real possibility that this will never happen, that the only slight measure of accountability, if at all, will be at the ballot box in 2022 and 2024. Justice delayed is justice denied….END OF QUOTE.

I believe that Trump will walk out of all this mess totally unscathed and a lot wiser and he may even become president again in 2024. I b believe also that as time goes on it will become easier and easier for elected officials to do the same things that former President Trump has been accused of and that someday in the future one or more of them will actually pull off a successful insurrection.

Only time will tell.

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