It’s Me Again

I guess I managed to get out of bed this morning but I am sitting here thinking that I will get right back into it and stay there until time for lunch. It is colder than a witch’s tit here — thank goodness for a whole lot of good heavy blankets and a furnace that works and the money with which to pay the gas company.

Right now we are paying our utility bills alright … I guess we will keep on keeping on …we are somewhat better off than some folks but I am not bragging because I have been bankrupt before and I know what living in the street and sleeping under a Detroit bridge is like. Right now I am blessed with a great home, good friends and money in the bank and the good health … if not the good sense … to enjoy it all while I still can.

I keep thinking of poor old Cousin Jeanette. Jeanette is in the mid stages of Alzheimers and it is getting harder and harder to have a conversation with her, but she still does know who we are, at least.

Being stuck in the house because of the icy weather is causing me to eat more … I call it “Senseless” eating although it is more like recreational eating … food is a drug, you know… very addictive. I know that food is an addicting drug because I have tried to swear off it a few times and I can never seem to do it for very long.

I think it is a damned crying shame that obesity is a major killer in our society and our famous “World’s Best Medical System” isn’t smart enough to invent a vaccine or a pill that can control body weight without killing patients. They tell me that the obesity problem isn’t even discussed in Medical schools very much and it is always raging and is always at pandemic levels … but for some reason, the Medical Community seems to look the other way.

We have all been treated to the big Chinese balloon this week … and they have found another one circulating above Latin America … the size of that thing reminds me of the time when I was young, dumb, and full of cum and I went for a day trip to Cincinnati, Ohio.

While visiting the city, I took the elevator to the 48th floor of what was then the tallest building in the city and I went out onto the observation area … which was open .. which had rails around it to keep people from falling off …I went out on that observation deck and took a prophylactic (A sexual protection device something like a balloon) out of my pocket and blew it up just like a big balloon and released it over the edge of the observation deck and watched it fly slowly across the Ohio river.

I did a lot of ridiculous things back in those days. I have also done a lot of ridiculous things since those days. I guess we all have done ridiculous things if we just want to admit it. Human beings can be ridiculous creatures. We just seem to have gotten over the habit of throwing feces at people we don’t like … the monkeys still do such outrageous things …but we seem to have replaced the feces with nasty words and gestures. I guess that might be proof of evolutionary progress.

There is nothing more off-putting, in my mind, than to see a preacher, in a church, on a pulpit, wearing the tightest trousers that he can wear and sporting an obvious boner to thrill the ladies in the front rows of seats with — I can understand how these kinds of ministers can have such successful churches … I am sure they draw the big bucks in.

One of my earliest libidinal experiences was having a preacher in a Baptist church fondle my left leg as he was counseling me. That was my first experience with organized religion and it is also the reason I went to the evangelicals …who turned out to be a little better .. I guess we humans always have our little drawbacks, don’t we? I actually stopped going to the catholic church after 7 years because I could never get a glance from anyone in a church where fun times were reputed to be freely available and rampant.

I guess I have talked enough shit for this session.

See ya… please!

4 thoughts on “It’s Me Again

  1. John there is a shot to help with weight it is called Ozempic and because it is in vogue now diabetics that need it cannot get it… sad is that? Have a great day my friend chuq

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    1. Ozembic causes rapid weight reduction that causes the face to become gaunt and is not recommended for such off-label use as weight loss even though it is effective.

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      1. But it is more important for fatties to get the Ozempic than those that need it for their diabetes… is being prescribed heavily here. chuq


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