I Don’t Know Much To Talk About Right Now

I am told that when we get writer’s block, we should just put our fingers to the keyboard and something will flow. It might not be something that is interesting to a lot of people but it will be something from deep inside the person doing the writing and whatever that is, it can sometimes be helpful, in some small way, to the person who reads it.

So I am sitting here, a living person, reaching out to the vastness of the Internet with these few words hoping that someone somewhere will find them, read them, and either benefits from them or receive help from them. The process is something like firing a shotgun into the darkness of the midnight sky hoping to hit something useful and see if anything falls to the ground.

I do know that there is some kind of strange energy that is shared by every living soul. It is kind of like a subconscious realization that we are all part of some larger family … a family that eventually includes all living beings …. the one family most relevant to us being the Human family of course.

I was thinking the other day about where we all come from … where we all originate from and the thought crossed my mind that we are all the product, somehow, through some as yet mysterious processes coming from the Sun, the Stars, the other planets and the winds of the solar system itself.

One thing I think that a lot of us forget sometimes is just how infinitesimally small we all are in comparison to the rest of creation and to the universe itself. Yet like a single cell in a completed being, we have sprung into existence from some force, some energy that created our molecular structure, our atomic structure, and whatever structures there are (Yet unexplored) that lie beneath the hierarchy of our components. I often wonder just how many layers of reality there really are to our being …I think it goes on forever, without limit and somewhere along the line, we become a working part in the great engine of combined energies and forces that we call the universe.

I know that Science says that Life is sustained by the energies coming from the Sun in the same fashion as everything else on the earth is sustained … by Sun Power … but I would take that thought a little further and say that we also are directly or indirectly impacted by planetary power too … power generated by all the other planetary bodies in the vastness of endless space. I would take it a step further even than that one and say that we are also dependent for our existence on starlight — star power –all the elements of the Universe conspiring together to make us and to sustain us through the entirety of our life cycle in whatever state we find ourselves.

I know from experience that if we dwell on this thing once in a while, we can expand our minds, increase our comprehension and center ourselves in the knowledge of who we really are so that we do not think too highly of ourselves or expect more of ourselves than we are designed to do … yet at the same time, expanding all our faculties so that, just like the Universe, we can expand our horizons in an exponential manner also.

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