Mainstream Media Or Social Media, Which Is More Likely To Give Believable News?

My conservative friends are fond of telling me they do not trust mainstream media for their news and that they get most of their news off social media outlets. Is there a valid reason to believe that social media news is any more true than mainstream media news?

Here is what the experts say: “The credibility difference between news obtained from mainstream media and social media is vast.

Mainstream media outlets are typically held to higher standards of accuracy and reliability, and the information they report is usually vetted through a rigorous and thorough editing process.

Social media, on the other hand, often lacks this kind of vetting and editorial oversight, which can lead to the spread of misinformation and false information.

Additionally, anyone can post anything on social media, with little to no fact-checking or verification of the source. This can lead to the spread of unreliable and potentially dangerous information.

Why Do Conservatives Mistrust Mainstream Media So Much?

Many conservatives take a disbelieving view of mainstream media news because they believe that many mainstream news sources have a liberal bias and tend to report from that angle.

They feel as though the mainstream media does not accurately reflect the conservative viewpoint, and thus, is not a reliable source of information. Additionally, many conservatives believe that mainstream media outlets are too focused on providing sensationalized news rather than factual, unbiased reporting.

Are Conservative Fears That Mainstream News Outlets Do Not Accurately Reflect Conservative Viewpoints Based On Facts?

The experts say: “No, it is not a fact that mainstream media is liberally biased and often does not cover conservative views. While many studies have suggested that mainstream media outlets may lean slightly more toward liberal views, there is no conclusive evidence that they consistently fail to cover conservative views.”

Are Strictly Conservative News Outlets Any More Factual Than Any Others?

The “Fair and Balanced” answer to that question, I believe, would be: ” that it depends. Strictly conservative news outlets may be more factual than other news outlets, depending on the outlet, the sources it uses, and the way it reports the news. Some outlets may be more accurate and unbiased than others, while some may be more partisan or sensationalist. Ultimately, it is up to readers to evaluate the accuracy and trustworthiness of any news source.

So in the end, I guess it is up to the individual to make their choices as to whom they will believe, act on those choices and live with the consequences of their actions.

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  1. The more different angles you see a story from, the better, I think. Our local news has four stations and they all have a different “take” on it. By reading a variety of sources you get a better picture.
    The definition of expert? Ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure.


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