Reward Or Rip-Off

There are approximately 36 million individual blogs on according to reports. There are approximately 120,000 average subscribers to each individual blog. The average number of comments received by each blog each day is said to be anywhere from 5 to 10.

You would think that with 36 million blogs out there competing with each other that the normal, average, everyday blogger could get a lot more comments on his or her posts than 5 or 10 each day.

There is something fishy about all this if you ask me, and besides, it costs more than a hundred dollars a year to have a private domain on the platform — and even then I am not sure whether it is worth the money because I don’t know if having a private domain makes any difference in the number of people who are attracted to read each individual blog.

It seems to me like having no more than 5 to 10 comments on our blogs each day would mean that a whole lot of us have nothing to say that most people are even interested in hearing or reading.

What is the advantage is that?

That kind of kicks my ego’s ass!

So, my friends, is it a reward or a rip-off?

3 thoughts on “Reward Or Rip-Off

  1. I pay for the domain name and all that fun stuff, mostly because I will not tolerate having myself associated with the scammers and other crap that advertises out there. I’d have no control at all over what ads they’d shove into the faces of my readers.

    But does it help make a blog more popular? Probably not.

    Frankly I don’t want grouchyfarmer to be more popular because I’m a lazy old grouch and if it was popular it would mean more work for me (grin)


  2. I pay for the upgrade and domain because I like to have no advertising, a dot-com site address, and more space for images. I get a lot more than 10 comments a day on my posts, (64 so far today, and it is 5:30pm) but also got those when I didn’t pay.
    The money paid makes no difference to engagement, in my opinion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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