There Is No Doubt The Republicans Are Responsible For The Senseless Gun Violence In America!


The Republicans are the ones who always defend the gun lobby and the republicans are always the ones who vote against gun reform. Therefore I contend that the blood of at least more than a million Fellow Americans is on the hands of the right-wing crazies who much prefer their guns over life itself.

QUOTE: — “Since 1968, more than 1.5 million Americans have died in gun-related incidents, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By comparison, approximately 1.2 million service members have been killed in every war in U.S. history, according to estimates from the Department of Veterans Affairs and iCasualties.orga website that maintains an ongoing database of casualties from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…END QUOTE.

The quotation above is from:

I don’t want to wish anyone any kind of harm but I think that if a lot more of this senseless gun violence were to come home to the right wing gun nuts, something would change rather dramatically. But after thinking about what I just said, it comes to my mind that maybe nothing would change … maybe this same heartless, ignorant uncaring bunch of clods would rather sacrifice their own children than give up their effing guns.

There is no more to be said. America seems to prefer a culture of death over a culture of life.

3 thoughts on “There Is No Doubt The Republicans Are Responsible For The Senseless Gun Violence In America!

  1. Don’t even get me started on this. The leading cause of death for children in this country is being shot. Not disease, not cancer, not auto accidents. Being shot. And these “pro life” hypocritical bastards don’t give a damn. Between 2000 and 2020, 31,780 children were killed by guns and they don’t care. 1300 children die and 5790 are treated for gunshot wounds each year. And not only do they do nothing, they actively try to sabotage any attempt at controlling the situation. And they call themselves “pro life”.


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