Reality Check

I have reduced this blog down to as simple a presentation as I am able. It is now bare bones, unpretentious, just like most common ordinary individuals in America today. I hope you continue to enjoy the trivial tripe that I type — didn’t that sound artistic as all hell? LOL.

I am missing myu old friend, “Cry and Howl” on the web … I haven’t seen him post anything for the longest time now … even though we used to spar back and forth like cats and dogs because he is conservative and I am more on the Liberal side, we shared something that I thought was worthwhile and I am missing his presence on the world wide web.

The same is true of John Gilbert who once had a wonderful blog called “The Blog Farm.”

I was thinking about removing comments from my blog but I thought better of it because, to be honest, I am still arrogant enough to hope that somebody leaves me positive comments …even though I do also enjoy it when people chew my ass out on here… why hell, folks, I even enjoy sparring with Internet Trolls but it seems that even they are not interested enough in me to waste their time trying to get an emotional response from me … either that or they are angry with me because I informed them once that they are never going to get their grubby little hands on my body — which I think is a frustration that most of them had ….so the Trolls do not plague me anymore — even though I wish at least one or two of them would ….

I am still fascinated and thrilled to death with the loyalists that have stuck with me all through this blogging adventure …there are at least 5 of those and I will not embarrass them by mentioning their names right now, but they are all precious to me and I love them all as much as if they were close relatives.

The days are getting nicer now and so today I am going to take my friend, Jimmy and myself out for lunch— I am very much into wanting a decent hamburger sandwich …. haven’t had one for some time now —

I discovered yesterday that my trousers (pants) (jeans) are getting too tight around my waist … fat fuck is what I am …and so I bought a couple of pairs of a somewhat larger size … super-size me …LOL … and when they arrived by Amazon, I found that they were too tight too …I think I might go on a fast or something ….but not for 40 days and nights ….maybe for 40 minutes and seconds ….LOL …I admit it, I am a glutton …. I have always had everything I want to eat and now I guess it is killing me at this advanced age of mine …..but is that really important anymore? Hell, I don’t know! Ask an expert!

On second thought, don’t ask an expert. I have yet to find an expert on anything who knows his or her ass from a hole in the ground ….I always have to learn everything the hard way. But I do learn. I am old now but my mind is not frozen in time … I can still learn things from time to time …

Well there is a rant and a half this morning…. I think I will skip trying to advertise key words in an attempt to draw more readers because I have worked the keyword scam for all it is worth in the past and nothing different happens …

See you in a few hours or a few minutes or whenever the mood strikes … I am feeling extremely eccentric this morning….So until that time, remember who loves you.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Your blog works for me very nicely, John. Until you change it again, then that will work too. 🙂
    Thanks for still allowing comments. Blogs with no comments seem to lack soul, as well as the engagement we all seek from blogging.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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