Will American Voters Fall For Republican’s Efforts To Re-Invent Failed Reaganomics?

Kevin McCarthy and his bunch are, all together, a real piece of work, aren’t they? Now they are said to be thinking about threatening to tank the American economy if Democrats don’t agree to their plans to gut Social Security and Medicare — yes, I said, “Gut” —-when time comes — very soon now — to negotiate the necessary raise in the National Debt Ceiling. — But this time around, it is reported that the Righties want to use another twist on their lies to convince the voters to go along with their schemes. — It begins with a quote which follows :

QUOTE: — “…Kevin McCarthy’s House Republicans, in their demand that Democrats gut Social Security and education monies to give more trillions in tax breaks to billionaires, are once again trying the Reaganomics hustle. Only this time with a twist….” END QUOTE.

The preceding quote is from:


If you are not among the morbidly rich and if you give a shit about your future and the future of your children and grandchildren, you need to read that article on “Raw Story” and make sure you understand what it is that the Republicans are planning for you.

They want you to believe that giving the morbidly rich Americans massive tax breaks by grabbing social security and medicare benefits away from Mr. and Mrs. Average America is, somehow, going to magically make life easier for Mr. and Mrs. Average America.

This horse shit started with something called Reaganomics and something else called “Trickle-Down Economics” which is a bullshit theory that the richer the rich get, the better off the not-rich will become.

Here is another quote from another article that I highly suggest the serious citizen take the time to read and to digest …

QUOTE: —- “… We’ve all heard the claims that cutting tax rates for the richest Americans will improve the standard of living for the working class. Supposedly, top-bracket tax breaks will result in more jobs being created, higher wages for the average worker, and an overall upturn in our economy. It’s at the heart of the infamous trickle-down theory…..”END QUOTE.

The following article explains in some detail why this claim is not the least bit true:


Nevertheless, despite this theory having been tried by Republicans a number of times already, with very seriously negative impact on the lower classes, they are alleged to be readying a new, more subtle and more dangerous version of this economic skulldudgery to spring on the voters … and the trouble with that is that there are millions of voters who hang tight on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of a political right winger even though it might mean disaster for them and their families.

Get real, folks, I believe that the current bunch of newly-elected Republicans in the House of Representatives are coming after your Social Security and Medicare and if the right people are not very careful, they might get away with it this time around.

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