I Think I Know What Those Balloons Are

We have been busy shooting down mysterious floating objects in our airspace — shooting them down is the first response I would expect because we are humans and humans are war-like and shooting things is what the war-like love to do.

Maybe we should have attempted to communicate with them first — as far as that goes, we might have tried to communicate with them ….. maybe we did communicate with them — if we did communicate with them chances are the ordinary citizen will never know what the messages passed back and forth were all about because, as the news guy said this morning, “The President does not want to alarm the public and that is the reason he has not made a statement about these celestial objects as yet.”

I think the mysterious balloons are drones that have been sent out by an enormous mother ship from outer space somewhere to feel us out and to determine if it is safe to land here.

I think we are standing on the precipice of a full realization of the realities suggested in Steven Spielberg’s “Encounters” movies.

If what I am saying has any truth to it at all, then there are three distinct possibilities in the works here:

If the alien mother ship is out there and if it ever lands they are here for one or more of three possible reasons:

(1) To bring us technology that will advance our civilization …

(2) To warn the world to stop engaging in dangerous wars…

(3) To harvest us as food for their own civilization.

I am beginning to understand now why there has been no presidential statement!

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