I am starting on the journey to get a cataract removed from my right eye. I will make the decision within a few months. I am checking out things like the cost of the operation, the risks, the benefits, and whatnot. I hate the idea but I think it might be time to think about having it done.

I am eating vegetable-based sandwiches for lunch and dinner … with some chicken breast …but mostly vegetables and a sub bun and oatmeal for breakfast to see if I can lose some weight. I got the idea from Jared Vogle, formerly a spokesman for the Subway sandwich chain.

The weather was warm today so my friend, Jim, and I went walking by the river. It was great to finally get out of the house for a while.

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  1. I was offered a cataract operation on one eye in 2019. I told them I would think about it for a while, (it’s free of charge here) then the pandemic hit and minor surgery was postponed or cancelled. I got new varifocal glasses to use when driving, and the cataract did not get any worse. When I last went back to the eye hopsital in early 2022, the doctor said “This can wait a while, it is not impairing your vision significantly”. That was okay by me, as I hate having anything done to my eyes.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. John had it done 2 years ago….I had to have it had no option….but it is great to see life more clearly. My favorite sandwich is portabello, artichoke hearts onions, peppers and Havarti cheese on a ciabatta bun pressed. chuq


    1. Yes, one eye only. Thank you for the information. It is most helpful and interesting. My eligibility for the procedure has been qualified. I am just waiting to make the decision.

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      1. Likely having it done is more awesome than my own experience. One example is their method of removing the clouded lens, is very different from when I had the procedure. My doctor had made a tiny incision on the perimeter where the lens was, and delicately removed it; then inserted the IOL. It did not take long at all.
        BTW I was awake, nor do I recall any local anesthesia; there was only a little discomfort, and I wouldn’t even call it pain.
        I needed to be driven home, the bandage to be removed the next day. The improvement was quite dramatic. Soon after, I had the procedure for my other eye.
        What was a bit of a shock; now with clear vision, I realized that the cataracts had not only impaired my vision, they’d affected my color perception as well.
        I didn’t regain 20/20, but then again, I haven’t needed reading glasses either.

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