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Michigan State University has advised its students to “Run, Hide and Fight” and a new shooter starts a rampage on their campus this week. America has already had more than 60 shooting incidents since the year began and I am sure there are many more to come. — Obviously, the damned government doesn’t give a shit because, as usual, nothing has ever been done in Washington to put a stop to the gun violence so, “Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

I think it is a crying damned shame that young people can’t just go to school and learn something without having to act like they are under fire on a battlefield in some God-forsaken shit hole. But that is America today! By the way, I was wondering, the other day, “Why have we not heard anything from the National Rifle Association lately?” There was a time when they were on the headlines everywhere every day … and now there is barely a peep.

Dianne Feinstein —-Senator Feinstein reportedly has said that she does not intend to run for another term in Congress. Well, bless her soul! I guess we will miss her. I don’t know a thing about her but I have heard her name and seen her face on the news a few times. I am sure she is to be lauded for something or other …I have no reason to dislike her … I have every reason to respect her … anybody that endures the torture chamber of modern American politics deserves my deepest respect. I wish the dear senator the very best as she continues on her Life journey.

Russia is on the rampage in Ukraine again this morning apparently and the Ukrainian government is asking all their sympathizers and supporters to please hurry up with all the military aid and assistance that has been promised. It seems like a “Bullying” scenario to me ….. the big bad bully wakes up from a nap and starts slamming his target to the ground again and the target, being smaller and less able to fight than the bully, starts screaming for somebody to jump in and help. I guess the friends of Ukraine are doing just about all they can do to help this morning, without igniting that universally-feared Third world war …. but if the facts were recognized, those who are contributing aid and weapons and other war materials to this fray are already actively involved … and if the whole damned thing blows up in their face and becomes a Hot Third World War, they have nobody but themselves to blame. On the other hand, if the Russians aren’t stopped now, there might not be any stopping them from attacking other countries because it seems to me like that is part of their ultimate game plan. “Today Ukraine; Tomorrow the world.”

Biden’s IRS Nominee — The Repuke-li-cans are reported to be shitting anticipation turds from their House perches as they gear up for what is being described as a “Grilling” of president Biden’s new choice to head the Internal Revenue Service —- It is all about the proposed 80-some-billion-dollar overhaul proposed for the pretty-much-hogtied Internal Revenue Service — a situation that makes it harder and harder to insure that the right-wing butt buddies in the realm of the morbidly rich pay their fair share of taxes —- and it is my opinion that the only reason the buzzards on the right want to stick their beaks into the nomination process in such an aggressive manner is that they fear anything the government might do to make sure that the swell-bellies with the billions-bullion do their duty in supporting democracy for all the rest of us. The IRS is bad enough in need of funding as it is without the shit pile being made any deeper by the master crappers on the crazy fringe of Conservatism now comfortably injected, like a bad vaccine, into their new positions of power on the “Hill.”

Nikki Haley Running For President — O.K., so what? That’s all we need! God love her. Isn’t there something better she could be doing with her time? That is a rough job she is looking to fill. I am not saying she is not up to the challenge, but I am saying that for my part, she should probably be doing something else.

Aid To Ukraine —– Some of the bigwigs in the Rethug Party are reportedly clamoring for more aid to beleaguered Ukraine while some of their pals and comrades in arms are fighting against it. I love it when the right-wing splits on activities of any kind or on thinking, (what little real thinking they are capable of doing) and other things they all finally decide they would like to do —usually (in my opinion) without any forethought …. or damned little forethought —more like “Foreplay” with that bunch I would say —– but there is another divide over aid to Ukraine in their ranks and the more divides, the better is what I say —- as long as they are fighting among themselves they are not screwing with the rest of us.

Little-By-Little They Are Winning —– I read an article somewhere today where some Ukrainian military person told somebody else that the Russians are winning, “Little By Little” for the time being because they have more resources at their command than the Ukrainians have at theirs. Then there is this: I also read somewhere that somebody in a position to know things, in NATO somewhere, told somebody else that the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition faster than the allies who are supplying it to them can get it to them. This does not look good to me. I wonder to myself, just how much-escalated involvement can the NATO countries and their allies do to help Ukraine before they inadvertently find themselves in a Hot shooting match with Russia —- something, in my personal opinion, that would be a disaster of exponential proportions.

3 thoughts on “My Take On The News Of The Day

  1. Sometimes you demonstrate such clarity… then that mercurial side takes over like Mr. Hyde. With your 14 more years of perspective, why ignore history Re: the Illegal Revenue Service? Those folks can waltz into your life like SS storm troopers. They’re anything but “hamstrung”.
    I must add it was supposed to be temporary, in order to pay for WWI and then GO AWAY. Right, as if you could ever trust government.

    Before Woodrow Wilson sold us out with them, and a banking system the founders loathed, the country got along quite well via other sources of revenue.
    Hell – you KNOW I’m not “blowing smoke!

    About Ukraine – Their government has treated the populace in the east like redheaded stepchildren; moreover a considerable number are neo Nazis, so ethnic cleansing is in their blood. History shows deep Russian roots; please see this:

    BTW I was guilty of LMAO with your bawdy “shitting anticipation turds”… did you learn such phrases from your parents?


  2. Been time for Feinstein to go… know my feelings on our massive support for Ukraine….I am with the idiots on the aid thing….but that is as far as my support will ever go chuq


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