The Good Thing

The good thing this morning is not that my comments box is filled to the brim. The good thing this morning is that I can get out of bed and sit at my desk and look at the damned thing. So I had a good night of rest and I hope that all the rest of you did also. The weather here is turning a bit toward the Spring side and that is a relief after this most cold winter.

It is always amazing to me how we spend the summer complaining about how hot it is and all the winter complaining about hold cold it is ….are we never to be satisfied? Let us be grateful this morning that we find ourselves on the right side of the sod as they say — still among the living — still able to eat lobster and crab legs — Good God! A pound of the smallest damned little snow crabs that I have ever seen in my life costs $36 USD at Red Lobster restaurants!

And that is the way it is at 6:06 in the morning here at the manse.

How are YOU doing?

3 thoughts on “The Good Thing

  1. As you know, I am an experimenter and am always trying stuff out. I used the steamer a couple of times and I will probably use it again in the future. It did its job well but I do not stick to anything for any length of time .. except maybe this blog …and a few other things … I am so eccentric …can’t ever sit still … never satisfied with anything … always trying something new … something bigger and better ….but to answer your question, I guess I am getting along with the steamer … it is still here …if I had tired of it, it would have already been consigned to the bag to be picked up by the local veterans’ re-selling operation ….are you feeling alright this morning? Is the weather improving for you?


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