The American Right Hates WOKE People

Nobody has ever really defined what “Woke-ism” is until now and now I understand why the American right-wing Conservative nut cases hate it so much. They hate it because they don’t understand it, can’t relate to it and live in all respects exactly opposite to it:

Now you understand, right?

“Woke-Ism” is everything that stands for decency and common decency is lacking in the contemporary vernacular of some of the right-wing crazies we have to deal with now.


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  1. “Going woke” conjures up visions of someone claiming to be acutely sensitive (“awake”) to “systemic social and political injustice.” And not just alleged bigotry against blacks, but toward every other “minority” as well, from LGBT folk – especially everything transgender and “nonbinary” – to “undocumented immigrants.”
    There are TWO genders; wrapped in the blanket of being “inclusive”, we’re expected to okay aberrant, amoral lifestyles, and accept perverse ideas of gender. Amoral adults teaching very young children, right down to preschool, aberrant sexual behavior, robbing them of their innocence.
    The right isn’t against true science, we’re not against real culture, we are against pseudo “culture”. Nazis (national socialists) burned books; we are not in the book burning business.
    Your list is slanted, John.

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    1. I got into trouble believing the right accepts “True Science” when a massive reluctance arose among their ranks to receive vaccinations to protect them and others against the covid 19 surge. I thought that all the available “Science” had been manifested in order to get a workable vaccine, yet the anti-vaccination folks decided that the science was either skewed or bogus — so if they were operating on the basis of “True Science,” can you tell me what their rationale was and who the “True Scientists” they trusted in making their decisions to refuse the vaccinations were? I am willing to learn something here.


      1. As to your claim that conservatives are not in the business of burning books, I ask you “Please explain this, then—- “Calls for school book burnings and bans on the rise, researchers say. The push to ban books has been largely driven by conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation


        1. I agree with you completely that the LGBTQ’s should be de-emphasized severely so as to prevent them from corrupting the children. I think we should return to the practice of criminalizing their activities and refrain from liberating them. I know the Bible condemns open practices of the things that some LGBTQs do — I think the word used in Scripture is “Abomination.”


        2. I can’t say I knew of this; however, I had a strange experience examining an actual textbook; it contained a revisionist version of history, and had reduced the horrible conflict, WWII to a few pages, it was like a bad Cliff Note.

          This had been during a caucus here in NV. I was dismayed to find that there was no discussion and exchange of viewpoints Re the candidates; we were separated into groups of 20-30 people and assigned different classrooms.
          It so happened my group was in a Social Studies classroom. Folks had already made up their minds, and checked off the forms, which were collected by the people in charge.
          I can only think Heritage wants to provide truthful textbooks to students. Yet this is very Orwellian!


      2. Doctors and other health personnel who saw that those shots were harming rather than protecting people were forced out of their jobs for speaking truth to power. Many years ago, you remember we got through the Swine Flu episode without unproven vaccines; via the term herd immunity. I won’t ramble on about this, merely ask you to please view a long but accurate documentary:


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