Woga, Woga, Woga —

That is the sound that a combustion engine makes when it is running. It is also kind of like the static made by the media and the blogosphere sometimes —- a repeating irritating sound —

I see that the “Experts” — ha! ha! ha! (What the hell is an expert anyway?) are predicting an indictment for former guy Trump again today. Give it up, guys! It isn’t ever going to happen! Not now, not soon, not ever! If you live to be a hundred years old, you will never see any indictment against Trump, and more than you are ever going to learn the truth about the 9/11 attacks in New York or anything else.

People are asking me if the Colorado River can be saved.  My answer to that one is, “It can be saved if you move most of the people who depend on it for their water away somewhere ….far, far away somewhere, where they can never get their mitts on the water from it ever again.” People tend to find ways to destroy natural resources no matter what they might try to do to save them.

I see that some people at or near Michigan State University are vowing that mass shootings will never happen again.  I like the attitude of those hopeful few, but I think I can safely say that they are pissing in the wind because people have been making the same vow for a long time now and nobody who actually can do anything about gun violence seems to be the least bit interested in doing anything about it so what I am hearing here, as far as I am concerned, is nothing but angry echoes.

I read somewhere yesterday that another high-ranking Russian big wig has fallen from a very high place on a building somewhere and is dead.  There have been a lot of high-ranking Russians falling out of high buildings in the last couple of years, haven’t there?  I wonder what kind of coincidence that could possibly be?  Did those big wigs piss somebody higher on the chain than themselves off or what?  Is that a “Duh” kind of question or what? LOL.

There is a new dangerous kind of ebola-type virus running loose in Guiana right now according to health authorities.  I guess since it has made the news, we can more or less look forward to some of it busting out here in the United States in a little while — especially if there is money to be made from it, right?  I hope everybody hung onto those covid masks.  I think we might be needing them again one of these days.


3 thoughts on “Woga, Woga, Woga —

  1. That’s a good news roundup, John.
    As for viruses, there seems to be a new deadly one every week. The price of playing around with biological warfare, in my opinion.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. John I read someplace that California lost about 700k people last year….and the way prices here are rising quicker than the national average….they are coming here. LOL

    I call that the “Falling Russian Syndrome” chuq


  3. Re the Colorado river; I had no idea how complex this issue is.
    Excerpt from https://americanrivers.medium.com/do-you-know-your-water-colorado-28d673358d34
    Colorado is a headwaters state and the origin of four major river basins, or watersheds — areas of land that drain through small streams (tributaries) to a common point (main-stem river). Colorado’s basins include the Platte (northern Front Range), the Arkansas (southern Front Range), the Rio Grande (southern Colorado), and the Colorado (western Colorado). Together, these rivers supply water to 17 downstream states and two countries — the United States and Mexico.

    This is so bad, the Colorado no longer flows to Mexico.
    I knew my home state,AZ, and Clark County in NV, as well as monster LA in CA, have all been fighting over Colorado water, but other watersheds, for 17 states? I’d no clue.

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