Chinese At The Border


I read a blog post on another blog posing the question, “Why are there 30 or more Chinese People crossing our borders each day?” Of course I have no idea that this was happening but I can offer a possible reasonable explanation: I think they are crossing the border in such small numbers because the high-flying balloons are not an effective method of travel.

Maybe they are thinking that the U.S. Border Patrol will not consider such a small number passing over on a daily basis to be a problem and I think they are thinking that if they can get 30 or 35 people into the country across the borders without getting caught, they can get enough of their people into the USA that in a few years, the number will have built up to the point where they can start getting themselves elected to school boards, city and state government offices and finally Washington, D.C. offices and accomplish a bloodless coup and take over the country.

2 thoughts on “Chinese At The Border

  1. Is there evidence that 30 Chinese a day are crossing into the US? Are they coming from Central America, or Canada? It seems strange to me, John.
    Britain is welcoming hundreds of immigrants from Hong Kong each year, but they travel here legally
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Seems strange to me too. 30 a day? In what context? How are they arriving here? 30 seems a rather insignificant number. In what context, though? Are they sneaking across the border, staying beyond the limits of their visas, just visiting Disneyland or what?

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