Good Question If You Ask Me

The question is, “What do you call a man who has lost 95 percent of his brain capacity?

My first inclination is to call him “Republican.” However, I am sure there are other answers just as accurate and pertinent.

You might also call such an unfortunate “Politician.” That would work in today’s climate I think. Then there is the iconic answer that a lot of backwoods types could come up with, “Dumb as a box of rocks.”

Then there is this more or less obvious choice: “A Trump Supporter.” A penis supporter is called an “Athletic Supporter” and a 95-percent-brain-dead dude would be a Trump Supporter.

Here is another one that fits: MAGAT.

How about this one: “100% smarter than your average right-wing radical conservative.”

Losing 95 percent of your brain power is not such a big handicap in my opinion. I mean the average American voter uses less than 5 percent of his or her brain power to vote for some of the Yahoo running for offices, right? I think that is the main reason why The United States we see today is only about 5% of what it could be if more people would think before they act when they go to the polls.

I like to think of a person who has lost 95% of their intellectual potential as a conspiracy lover –or as a fan of somebody like Tucker Carlson — but that is just my opinion — I happen to like Mr. Carlson — in fact, I am envious of him because he makes more money than I do — of course, I already have as much money as I will ever need but I have to say something on this post to keep my own thought processes moving. (I am old, you know.).

I think I will end this by admitting that I wouldn’t venture to call a man who has lost 95% of his brain capacity anything at all — especially if he was carrying a gun. But in secret, behind his back, in a secluded space where he can’t hear anything I think or say, I think I could safely call him…. “Dangerous” — unless he was confined in a sterile environment where he could get the needed treatment for his incapacity.

4 thoughts on “Good Question If You Ask Me

    1. “Liming’s Ramblings” is exactly what my blog is … not some authoritative source of information but the ramblings of my mind …similar to the basic communications of “Justin’s Links” (One of the earliest bloggers) (His stuff can now be found on the Internet Archive called “The Wayback Machine,” My blog, “Liming’s Lynkz” is unapologetically nothing more than the opinions and the ramblings of my more than superior intellect. LOL. Thank you for noticing.

      Just like every form of media there is, my stuff is as biased and opinionated as I can make it. There is no reliable source of unbiased news anywhere in the world anymore. If there were, it would never survive. All media is now one form of mind control for one agenda or another and most people do not even realize it. I am one biased bitch and am unafraid to admit it. LOL


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