Daily Prompt

When you can’t think of anything else to write about, you can always depend on the daily blog prompt to inspire you.

So today’s prompt is” What is your favorite pair of shoes and where have they taken you?”

My favorite pair of shoes is any pair of Reeboks or Sketchers. I have several pairs of both brands and they have taken me everywhere from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and from the Mississippi deltas to Lake Superior in Michigan.

They have taken me to the boardrooms of great corporations to the sales offices of lease-rentals for luxury cars, boats and airplanes. They have taken me through the expanses of luxury homes to the finest restaurants the USA has to offer.

They have taken me on long journeys through the mountains and the valleys and the canyons and along most of the worthwhile scenic destinations in The United States, The Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Canada, American Samoa — and others so numerous that I can hardly remember.

They have taken me to beaches and bistros and to bitches and brothels.

They have taken me to church and to the funerals of friends.

They have taken me to bankruptcy court and back to the money markets once again.

They have taken me just about everywhere that snakes don’t bite with the sole exception of Australia where the dreaded Tsanga slithers.

Yes I love my sneakers a lot more than I like those damnable polished shoes that a lot of formal events demand. But then I do not attend formal events anymore and when I was in business I had my own dress code …nice blazer jacket, white shirt and tie, pair of dress denim jeans, and sneakers.

I only wore a tux once … for my senior prom …and I will never wear the snobby-assed things again because they attract a lot of phony people who put on airs and judge people by the amount of money they have …stiff-necked, arrogant .. ignorant … rich snobs … I never quite got to the snob level.

So there is the boring damned prompt fulfilled and now I can go to bed with a free conscience.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt

  1. I still don’t get those prompts.
    Although I do wear a pair of black slip-on Sketchers most days, my favourite shoes are a pair of Italian leather tassel loafers. Because I rarely get the chance to wear them these days, they live in a box in the loft until required.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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