I Was Wondering What To Write This Morning

I was wondering what to blog about this morning and a friend of mine came on and told me that if I keep up writing the way I have been writing, I could rename my blog “Liming’s Rambliings.” O.K., I can see that — in fact, I think it might be a good idea …if I were not so in love with myself and with the title I now use for the blog.

“Liming’s Ramblings” is exactly what my blog is … not some authoritative source of information but the ramblings of my mind …similar to the basic communications of “Justin’s Links” (One of the earliest bloggers) (His stuff can now be found on the Internet Archive called “The Wayback Machine,” My blog, “Liming’s Lynkz” is unapologetically nothing more than the opinions and the ramblings of my more than superior intellect. LOL. Thank you for noticing.

Just like every form of media, there is, my stuff is as biased and opinionated as I can make it. There is no reliable source of unbiased news anywhere in the world anymore. If there were, it would never survive. All media is now one form of mind control for one agenda or another and most people do not even realize it. I am one biased bitch and am unafraid to admit it. LOL

I think that is the reason that so many thousands of people love me so much — they know I am opinionated, biased, stubborn and handsome as hell …I feel their love everytime my fingers hit the keyboard — they love me because they know that I am not going to lie to them ….they love me because at the outset I tell them there is nothing on my blog that anybody is required to believe …I am just as good a liar as any professional journalist because I have been a professional journalist and I know how the game is played — I blow smoke up people’s asses and they love me for it because I tell them I am doing it.

You will never find a more honest sonofabitch on the Internet than me.

And I am unanimous in that.


P.S. — And no, you can’t have my body!

4 thoughts on “I Was Wondering What To Write This Morning

  1. I am working on a piece on how stupidity came to rule….I like Ramblings and lynkz….both are very good. I will be there no matter what. ….of course your choice I will be there…..chuq


  2. Make it to July 8th, and with your vision restored. I don’t know whether Steve is okay, ever since the flooding last spring in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where he -hopefully – lives, I made two inquires at his blog, and the silence is ominous. No response; quite unlike him.

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