Something Is Better Than Nothing

Another Intriguing Mundane Overshare

My friend, Jim, and I went out for Chinese food today — we do that a lot — our local Asian restaurant is very good — expensive but very good — you get what you pay for. I like to eat in the buffet and sample a little bit of almost everything offered on the menu. My average Chinese meal puts about 1,500 calories onto me. That is a day’s worth of calories for me which means I only get one meal on the day that I go for Chinese.

I have been struggling to lose a few pounds so that I can get into my size 44 waist Haggar dress slacks. My slacks have an expandable waistband but I can just about get it buttoned and remain able to breathe — I am not proud of this but it is something I have been fighting for at least the last 50 years and I never seem to win the battle. — Maybe I should just stop struggling and be satisfied with myself the way I am — morbidly obese according to some doctors, well-muscled according to some fitness experts. — Who to believe — Who to believe.

I Am glad to see that former Guy, Trump, finally made it to Palestine, Ohio today to console and comfort the victims of a tragic chemical spill from a wrecked train that nearly poisoned their little community —according to them that is — It was a good photo op for the former president — It will probably do his campaign for the presidency — I do hope that while he was there, comforting the stricken, that he opened up his wallet and made a generous donation toward recovery of their little town. — I see he also took that cheeky young senator J.D. Vance with him — an up-and-comer if ever I saw one — kind of mysterious — I have no idea what Vance has been doing since he scored his big election and became a senator — but I am sure we will find out sooner or later.

3 thoughts on “Something Is Better Than Nothing

  1. It gets harder to shift weight as we age, and also harder to resist temptation. I think you just have to accept the consequences of the lifestyle you choose. I know that applies to me, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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