24 Feb 2023

I am still alive, which is pleasing to me if to nobody else.— I am getting ready to go for my “Cataract Surgery Evaluation” with the eye surgeon on the 28th — last day of the month. — I kind of hate that it has come to this but something has to be done so I am going for it! — The prospect is not something that I am getting half hard over, but… but … but … we shall see!

Yesterday the temperature outside here was 70-degrees Fahrenheit and today it is back down to 40-degrees again. Shit weather! — But it is better to endure some weather changes than it is to be on the wrong side of the sod.

One of my posts on a site called “Next Door” got 1,200 (One thousand, two hundred) views yesterday — That is the kind of response that I would love to be getting on WordPress.com but it isn’t happening. I do not understand how “Next Door” could get that much more attention than WordPress.com because both these platforms have national reach. — And Next Door doesn’t cost a dime to blog on either! — This development is giving me some pause about whether I should concentrate on the Next Door site and forget all about this loser here. — But if I would leave Wordcrap, I would seriously miss my 5 good friends that have honored me with their attention over the years so I probably will continue using both publishing platforms.

5 thoughts on “24 Feb 2023

  1. Next Door UK is mainly used for buying and selling stuff, and also some neighbourhood gossip and moans. It is something like Facebook Groups, which I am also not involved with.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. John good luck with the surgery….I have had it ans it improved my sight so much. Weather here is 70 at night and 80 in the day…I would be suspicious of those stats….but then I do not trust much. chuq


  3. Those statistics may be misleading. I read all of your posts but I get them by email, I don’t go to the actual blog unless I want to leave a comment. I’m not sure if the statistics include the people who get it by email or only show those who actually visit the blog.


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