I Heard It Loud And Clear

A couple of hours ago I changed my blog again to a theme from the 1990s and I asked readers what they thought of it. The response was overwhelmingly, “It does not work for me.” So here is another theme that I think will work better for everybody. I hope so, at least. Let me know, please— and I am done changing things — until the next time, that is. LOL. Thanks for your patience and your indulgences.

7 thoughts on “I Heard It Loud And Clear

  1. An improvement. This one is less “barren” in appearance; in addition to “home”, you might add a few categories, such as “politics” for news from other sources, “opinion” for your personal objections on subjects, and “commentary” for posts about voter fraud, immigration, or border security.

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    1. I appreciate your suggestions and thank you so much for sharing them. For the time being, the blog is and always has been a strictly “Opinion” blog and it covers politics almost exclusively — but I will work on the concept of adding some widgets to include categories and what not ..just give me a little time… and thanks again for your helpful advice and suggestions.

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